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7D freezes during video

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Jonny Finity
7D freezes during video
on Aug 8, 2015 at 9:26:35 pm

I've seen posts on 7D's freezing before, but nothing that quite matches what my camera is doing.

While filming, the camera will freeze intermittently and the screen will turn to pixelated stripes; different colors each time. Sometimes that image will disappear moments later, other times it will stay on the screen until I remove the battery. The camera will be frozen entirely until I remove and replace the battery. Most often, the panel shows Err 80.

Sometimes I can film for 3 minutes before this happens. Other times it happens before I even start filming; just when it's in video mode and the Live Screen is on.

I've had a reputable camera repair center work on it twice. The first time they replaced the shutter mechanism. Same problem. They reinstalled the old shutter mechanism and replaced the entire mainboard. Same problem (only now I was $500 poorer). I upgraded the firmware and bought a MUCH faster CF card (160mb/s write speed). Now the problem is even worse.

Here's a video I took today of what happens:

(In this case the screen just goes black; most of the time I get the color stripes)

Anyone ever seen this problem before? I'm about ready to throw this camera out the window.


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Roger Van Duyn
Re: 7D freezes during video
on Aug 10, 2015 at 3:37:51 pm
Last Edited By Roger Van Duyn on Aug 10, 2015 at 3:41:34 pm

Bad memory cards can cause that type of problem. While I don't own a 7D, I did feel the pain of throwing away a CF card I'd paid nearly $150.00 for about a year ago. While it met the specifications for the device, it was not on the list of approved memory cards provided by the device manufacturer. It always failed after about 50 minutes of recording, on both of my identical recorders.

If I were you, I'd do an online search for approved memory cards for the 7D from Canon itself. IF there is such a list from Canon, I'd recommend only using cards on the approved list. Also, be aware there are counterfeit cards galore. Counterfeit SanDisks, Counterfeit Lexars. Anyone with a good enough printer, and that's just about anyone nowadays, can print a realistic looking label. The new memory card you bought may be either defective or a counterfeit. Having two bad cards in a row isn't that unlikely.

Also, firmware upgrades also don't always "take" properly. It's always harder to troubleshoot if you only have the one device. If you had a second 7D, you could see if the card worked or not on both, one, or neither. Troubleshooting is always a process of elimination gradually narrowing down the potential causes of the problem.

I hope it's not the camera. I buy a lot of my gear used. Lucky most of the time, but not always. Some people sell off their used gear when it starts having problems, but don't tell the buyer about the problems.

Hope this helps.


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Emmanuel Joseph Reyes
Re: 7D freezes during video
on Nov 5, 2015 at 9:43:55 am

Hi Jonny,

I'm thinking that maybe the processing hardware could be damaged. But honestly I would say that it's time for an "upgrade", time to get a new camera. Sometimes life just decides to make things not work anymore because we need to move on to better things.

With this in mind make sure you get warranty for the new camera you plan on getting. This way if anything like this happens again, you can just simply replace it for a new body that works.

I know that my answer doesn't really solve your problem but it's still a viable option.

Emmanuel Reyes

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