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Canon XF100e footage problem + Adobe vs FCP workflows

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Michal Golebiowski
Canon XF100e footage problem + Adobe vs FCP workflows
on May 6, 2015 at 9:47:06 pm

Hello there!

Although I've been reading CC for quite a while, this is my first post here... so, hello everyone! :)

I have two different problems at the same time that I need to resolve as soon as possible due to the deadline on 15th of May - I hope you might be able to enlighten me.

1) CANON XF100e - footage

We had three days of shooting: 2 cameras on the 1st one, 2 cameras on the 2nd one and 1 camera on the 3rd one - so in total we filled up 5 memory cards. After each day of shooting I was transferring the footage via card reader - starting from the folder CLIPS001 (containing another folders named AA0478, AA0479 and so on...). In terms of folder structure, everything is intact starting from CLIPS001 folder.

Now it looks like this:
Footage > DAY 1 > CLIPS001 > Multiple folders with MXF files (and all metadata)

We tried to convert the footage to Apple ProRes422 using Log and Transfer in Final Cut 7 - every time we get "invalid drectory structure error message". What might be the reason behind it? I've been googling for almost half a day and I'm even more confused, I searched everywhere and I can't find any straightforward answer. I need to mention that WE DON'T have original memory cards with footage anymore.

What's the reason?
- We didn't format the cards before shooting. Okay, our mistake. We were in hurry, we thought the cards are perfectly fine and formatted.
- When I was transferring the footage onto my laptop and I realized that there's some other footage (of other students) and deleted it. Does it mean that I screwed up "directory structure" even though I haven't even touched our files at all (I mean - I deleted other files, but I only copied ours, without deleting any metadata or taking MXF files out of their folders)?
- I should have copied everything from the "HIGHEST" possible level, not starting from CLIPS001 but simply from the very top level of the card's folder structure?

Now, my question is... what do we do now?
- FCP 7 shows an error, but I tried to import the footage into FCP X and it actually worked... how is that possible?
- I recon I have to convert those MXF files manually into ProRes 422, using one of 3rd party software that I have to pay for?
- Any other solutions?
- One more thing: the footage we were trying to import into Final Cut 7 via Log and Transfer was on the portable hard drive. Could that be the reason it didn't work out?

I can't actually believe that Log and Transfer of Final Cut 7 cannot handle it. It's a ridiculous situation when I have all my footage on my hard drive and it can be imported into Premiere with no problem, but Final Cut 7 can't even import the files... Ok, we probably screwed up by not checking memory cards properly before shooting, but Premiere can handle all those files anyway, so...?

2) Adobe vs FCP workflow

My group consists of 5 people. Two of us want to edit using Adobe workflow, but others prefer Final Cut 7. We only have three scenes but each one of them will have quite a lot of CGI (simple, but still). I'm the only CGI guy in the group but the others have to start editing their own versions of the film as soon as possible. So I thought I can:

- pass the footage to the group so they can start editing (in FCP 7 so using AppleProRes 422 files)
- in the same time I can do all the stuff I need to do in After Effects
- when their edits are done, I'm providing them with new footage with CGI already on it, so they can swap the files inside editing software and render a final film

If everything would be done within Adobe, it's pretty easy (Dynamic Links!), but how do I exchange the files between FCP and AE? Do I have to export each ready-to-go clip from AE to something loss less and then convert them to AppleProRes 422? So then AppleProRes 422 files are imported into FCP and exported together as a final output?

Is there any equivalent of AppleProRes 422 in terms of Adobe Premiere? I know I can edit natively in AP, thanks to Mercury Engine - but how does it relate to the FCP workflow? Today I heard that AppleProRes 422 is completely loss less codec (which I don't think is true) that is kind of "expanding" the data that MXF files are holding - is that true? I thought it is a way of creating HD files which are simply easier to edit within FCP and I always thought that AP has a magnificent advantage of editing i.e. MXF files without any extra converting.

What am I getting wrong in this case?

Thank you for all the answers in advance - I will highly appreciate pointing me into the right direction.

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