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EF or EF-S lenses for C100 Mk II

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Marios Karageorgiou
EF or EF-S lenses for C100 Mk II
on May 5, 2015 at 5:32:33 pm
Last Edited By Marios Karageorgiou on May 5, 2015 at 6:11:43 pm

Hello everyone,
I made the jump 2 months ago from Dslr to S35 world and Im in the market right now searching to buy the best RnG lens for my little beauty.I own already an EF 40mm f2.8 STM and an EF-S 18-135 f3.5-5.6 IS STM lens.As an Ex-photographer I have a past with a few good "L" lenses which I had in my bag and I can criticise them easily about their performance but in Video World everything is working much different and you have to consider different things you want your lens have against photography which is totally different.After a lot of searching over the web, watching reviews, renting and testing, I still haven't come to a conclusion which lens should I buy.To be more specific the Question which Im still trying to find an answer and its really very difficult for me is "for my sensor S35, will I get better image quality from an EF-S or EF L version lens?".Ofc in EF-S section actually there is only one lens that meets the RnG needs for my C100 and that is the 17-55 2.8 IS lens.But lets not stuck there because the conversatation will get away in other sections and that is something I really want to avoid (don't get me wrong I have seen this in many forums from the ppl w/o at the end a clear answer).So, from my research I have understand that the specific S35 sensor will work better in terms of image quality against the Canon Dslrs (except 1Dc I believe) in video mode and if I have understand correctly the S35 sensor on a full frame lens will use mostly the centre of the lens to cover the entire frame.So does this mean that it will even give better results than any aps-c lens (Im talking only for EF "L" versions) because its getting rid off the corners which will produce more softness/distortion/ca etc.I understand that 1920x1080 is only 2 mp video resolution and that most lenses will produce very similar results.. but there comes another question that tells me that my camera delivers as final result 1080p video but before the compression it records it in 3840x2160 which is 8 mp video and in the last part a high quality lens starts to play a determinable role which one to choose.After all an "L" lens will provide much better build quality and weather sealing.So is it clear about EF lenses on Cxxx cameras or are there any good benefits from EF-S also?

P.S. Sorry for my bad English.
Best Regards.

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Rob Gutermuth
Re: EF or EF-S lenses for C100 Mk II
on Jun 8, 2015 at 11:29:27 am


EF-S lenses were designed for EF-S cameras... these are the "crop" cameras, meaning that their image sensors are smaller than a Full Frame sensor.

You can't put EF lenses on an EF-S sensor camera, but you can put either on the FF cameras... will it work? most likely, will you see a difference anywhere? likely....

in my experience, I would not use EF-S lenses on a full frame camera, unless I had to. I have found that the optics are not as good, and depending on the camera, the focal range will not be the same, since the crop cameras use these lenses to complement the smaller sensor, so a 50mm lens is really shooting at 80mm on those cameras...

plus, since the EF-S lenses/cameras were really built for the consumer market, many of those lenses are just not made as well as the better EF lenses (plastic vs metal mounts, etc)

since glass is the most important factor as a starting point to any image, I would say that EF is the better/safer choice using any camera worth more than $2K... sometimes the L lenses are not must better than the non L lenses, but sometimes they are worlds better... (I know you didn't ask about L lenses, but)

just my 2 cents, coming from a photographers perspective...

Rob Gutermuth
Media Creations

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