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XL-H1 Advice Needed Please For Upcoming Recital

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Doug Hales
XL-H1 Advice Needed Please For Upcoming Recital
on May 7, 2013 at 12:43:41 pm

i have a dance recital coming up in a month and was considering a H1 that I could use with an ATEM switcher. My concern before buying a used one is if it can handle the brightness extreme?. I owned an XL1 and tried it on a recital and if I adjusted the iris to not blow out the whites, the overall picture was too dark and if I made the overall scene look good I had no highlights and was wondering if that was still a concern in the H1. I would also be recording to a KiPro Mini via HD-SDI.

While I have you here, Is the manual 16X lens any better than the 20X? I am old school and like manual lens from Fuji and Canon and can pick up a lens for $300

Lastly, my wife has a new Rebel, so can I get take the lens she has and with an adaptor use it on mine?


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Todd Terry
Re: XL-H1 Advice Needed Please For Upcoming Recital
on May 7, 2013 at 1:25:05 pm

I own both (although both are now retired), but comparing the XL1 to the XLH1 is comparing a Chevette to a Corvette. They're both Chevys, but in completely different leagues.

The H1 should perform just about as well as any other camera.

You are at a bit of a disadvantage though, in that you are shooting something that is being lit for a live performance, not for camera. There may indeed still be scenes where you expose for a principal performer yet the rest of the scene is dark. Not much you can do about that. Just keep everything (everything... exposure, focus, white balance, audio inputs, everything) in manual mode the way the good Lord intended.

The native H1 lens is fine. Go with it.

When using the KiPro Mini remember that the first generation H1s did not embed audio in the HD-SDI signal... if you get video via HD-SDI in those, then you must input analog audio separately (if that is a concern). I believe the later generation H1 did embed audio (mine does not).

No, you can't use the EF SLR lens. That's a "big chip" lens and even if it would fit on the H1 (which it won't), the H1's tiny 1/3" chip would turn your lens into a massive telephoto (unless by "adapter" you were talking about using a DoF 35mm lens adapter, such as the P+S Technik Mini35, which would indeed work... but that's an entirely different animal).


Todd Terry
Creative Director
Fantastic Plastic Entertainment, Inc.

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