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Camera video settings for 1 and 2 camera shoots

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Scott Dedoes
Camera video settings for 1 and 2 camera shoots
on Jun 2, 2010 at 11:01:20 pm

Hello everyone.

I am very new to the video business and have only shot a few weddings and still am learning the terminology, so please excuse my lack of knowledge. I am doing my best and I have learned a tremendous amount from this site and thank all of the posters. With my very basic knowledge from college and help from friends, I was able to edit two weddings, but feel that I'm doing things incorrectly. I have had many problems with correct aspect ratios, and moving forward want to make sure I understand all the settings and am doing everything correctly.

I have bolded the main questions that I need help with and greatly appreciate any help that can be offered.

I have the following cameras/equipment:

Canon XH1As
Panasonic PV953D
MacBook Pro with Final Cut Studio 7

The first problem that I am trying to solve is to correctly capture and edit a music video shoot that I did. I am such a newbie that I did not even realize until recently that for one camera shoots with my Canon, that I can should HD on regular miniDV tapes. (using Panasonic DVM63) I thought I needed to purchase the much more expensive HD tapes.

I recently did a shoot with the Canon with the following settings:

Signal STD: SD 16:9 (other avail settings HD, SD 4:3)
Frame Rate: 30F ( other avail settings, 60F, 24F)
Comp. Out 1080i/480i (other avail settings 480i)

I realize now that because this was only a one camera shoot, that I should have shot it in HD on my miniDV tapes. ( I thought that I had to buy HD tapes to shoot in HD)

I am just wondering what the correct settings that I should be using in Final Cut Pro? I was able to log and capture the footage, but want to make sure I'm using the right settings. This is what it is set to right now:

Sequence preset: DV NTSC 48kHz
Capture preset: DV NTSC 48kHz
Device control preset: Firewire NTSC basic

Please let me know if these setting look correct for this shoot?

For future one camera shoots in HD on the reg miniDV tapes, what would the correct settings be?

I also want to make sure that I have the correct settings when I will be using a two camera setup with the Panasonic. I would use the same settings above for the Canon and the following settings for the panasonic.

Here are the settings for the Panasonic:
Progressive: Off ( other avail Auto, ON)
D. Zoom: OFF (other avail 25x, 700x)
Cinema: OFF
Record Mode: Normal ( other avail Frame)
Aspect : 16:9 ( other avail 4:3)

Should I change any of the above settings on the Canon or the Panasonic so that it would look good and edit together well?

Also, what would be the correct Final Cut Pro settings for each one?

Thank you in advance for all the help that you can offer. If you want to view any of the work I have done thusfar, you can view my previous work at

Scott Dedoes

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