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Color Grading 7D footage - how to avoid artefacts...

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Soren Balle
Color Grading 7D footage - how to avoid artefacts...
on Mar 3, 2010 at 10:35:18 am

I work in the industry and finally got a chance to do a serious project on the canon 7D. Music-video. Shooting went great, footage well-exposed and looked good, no signs of artefacts - but...

After the colorist finished the grading (using autodesk) we watched the video - and everything looked great. I got the master out as a ProRes 422 file, and watching it on my own computer in Quicktime I started to notice a lot of artefacts that I didnt see in the grading-suite. Banding in the darks, noise in the highlights. Really annoying. I wonder if the colorgrader pushed the material to much - but shes a pro doing a lot of canon 5d and 7d work, so I really doubt it. Also, these artefacts didnt show in the grading-room, only on several computer screens. Since this video is going out online, I really want it to look good on computers.

So, my question: How can you tell if the fragile H264 has been pushed to far? And why does artefacs appear differently on different computers? And how to I avoid that my final product will show these artefacts?

BTW, our workflow: The canon 7d h264 footage was converted to ProRes. Edited. Then exported to DPX via apple Color. The DPX was used to colorgrade in Autodesk (lustre? davince? something), and from Autodesk I got the ProRes Master.

Any help greatly appreciated!


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Norman Willis
Re: Color Grading 7D footage - how to avoid artefacts...
on Mar 5, 2010 at 6:56:13 am

I am also interested to hear more about this. Thanks.

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