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Which codec is better? Panasonic HPX3700 or the Canon 5D Mark II???

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P2 Shooter
Which codec is better? Panasonic HPX3700 or the Canon 5D Mark II???
on Feb 17, 2010 at 1:36:28 am

I'm trying to figure out if there is a consensus of which codec is better? Panasonic AVCIntra100, DVCPro100 or the Canon 5D Mark II's H.264(knowing that its going to get converted into ProRes???

I have an upcoming Doc that I'm deciding on using our Canon 5D Mark II, Our HPX500 with a Letus and Primes, or possibly investing in the Panasonic HPX3700 and using the adapter and primes.

I'm pretty sure the size and weight of all the adapters and glass will make either Panasonic camera just as combersome and frustrating as all the peripheral add ons and work flow addaptations which make the Canon 5D Mark II a working option. I'm also sure I can make a pretty similar looking image with either Panasonic camera and the adapters and primes as I can with the Canon(apart from dynamic range).

But my real question is for a doc going to TV and maybe a short indy theatrical run, which codec or more to the point I guess, which camera would people want to work with? This question is really trying to get at which entire workflow is going to make a better final product if all else is equal.

Nice thing about any of these 3 choices other than the Panasonic 3700 is that I wouldn't have to buy anything else... Don't let that sway your input! Just give me your hard turthful, hopefully emperically backed up, opinion.


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Aaron Stewart
Re: Which codec is better? Panasonic HPX3700 or the Canon 5D Mark II???
on Feb 17, 2010 at 4:10:28 am

Well, the 500 or 3700 will be a lot less hassle than the 5Dmkii, but the 5Dmkii has the low-light capabilities and smaller form factor. Sounds like you are stuck on the codec, which the 500 and/or 3700 are going to outshine the h.264 by a good bit, a lot less compression on the image... doesn't matter if you are converting to ProRes later, the compression is still on the image with the 5Dmkii.

Plus you could take the 500's HDSDI output straight into something like a KiPro and get 10bit ProRes images out of the camera (that'd put you up around HDCAM quality as far as your image capture). But thats in terms of QUALITY with codecs.

Is a 35mm adapter going to get you the same type of image as a 5Dmkii (in terms of pure LOOK value)? Well, thats just a camera test waiting to happen. I'd let that sway my decision. If thats the look you want, roll with it, you could make something for TV or short run film with either camera. But in terms of quickest to get to post, and less audio hassle, the 500 or 3700 would be less hassle in general. There's pros and cons of any setup. You just got to figure out which ones matter to you.

Aaron R. Stewart

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