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HD Camera for student film. (HG10, HV20..?)

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Nick Pel
HD Camera for student film. (HG10, HV20..?)
on Sep 26, 2009 at 7:42:18 pm

I need to buy an affordable HD cam for student films. I saw a lot of footage but I still haven't decided yet. I like the quality of the HV20 and 30 but I also like very much the HG10 images considering that is AVCHD.

I edit on Sony Vegas 9, on a 64 dual core 1.80GHz with 2GB RAM.

I'm also planning to use a 35mm lens adapter for those shallow DOP and so far, in the economy range, the JAG35 pro seems OK.

Please throw in your suggestions! =)

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Craig Cerhit
Re: HD Camera for student film. (HG10, HV20..?)
on Oct 1, 2009 at 11:56:07 pm

One big thing you left out was budget. The HV30 is a good camera for students but if you are going to be spending the money on a 35mm lens adapter and presumably 35mm lenses why not consider the Canon 7D? It's not perfect, but I think it would be a great solution for film students. When you are not shooting video with it, shoot stills. I'm always trying to encourage my shooters to pick up a DSLR and shoot more stills. It will make you much more aware of light and composition.

my 2 cents.


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Gord Stephen
Re: HD Camera for student film. (HG10, HV20..?)
on Oct 8, 2009 at 6:45:54 pm

I like the 7D suggestion, given that you'll be getting a 35mm adapter. There are lots of people out there willing to tell you why it's not perfect, but with its comparable price I'd take it over a consumer cam any day. Manual exposure controls are nice...

If you do go the consumer route, the HG10's a hard-drive based camera, which isn't ideal... I would look at either tape (cheaper) or flash memory cameras, like the HFS10.

Another thing to consider - if you go with a camera that records to an H.264 codec (like the HG10, the HFS10, or the 7D) you'll want to transcode to an intermediate codec in order to smoothly edit it with your machine. That'll probably cost money - there are some free alternatives out there too, but something like CineForm is really nice to use.


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