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Prosumer Camcorder Advice

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Randall League
Prosumer Camcorder Advice
on Jun 9, 2008 at 6:59:26 am

I looked thru some of the older threads and found some good help but I was hoping to get a little more direction.

I'm starting up an E-Learning company making ...well.. E-Learning platforms and our first is an ESL english learners program. It's more or less an interactive textbook that can be a stand alone program (so I don't have to worry about size of the program in terms of the internet and internet video) or can be progresivly downloaded and viewed on the internet. Inside the program altogether there is about 30-40 minutes of chromakeyed video clips that act more or less as the guide/teacher. That would take up about 90% of my camcorder use, the other 10% would be doing video podcasting.So I need a descent camcorder. But my budget is currently around $2000.

I have a couple of questions , if I increase my budget to $3000 can I get a worthwhile improvement? Should I go with High Def? All of my customers will be viewing it thru their computers . Is the difference between "prosumer" and normal "consumer" camcorders that great?I've found so many choices that I feel a bit overwhelmed. Here are some of the things I've researched ($2000-$3000 range)

Canon GL2

Canon XH A1

Panasonic AG-DVX100B

Canon XL2

Any help is much appreciated,thanks.

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Don Greening
Re: Prosumer Camcorder Advice
on Jun 9, 2008 at 10:39:39 pm

[Randall League] "Is the difference between "prosumer" and normal "consumer" camcorders that great?"

Well, if you compare certain models that have "consumer" and "prosumer" versions you'll find things like more professional connections on the prosumer version: XLR audio inputs instead of a miniplug, proper RCA composite A/V out/in connections instead of a fragile mini-connection that tends to break if you sneeze the wrong way. More control over your picture profile settings too, as well as being able to control more things with a dial or a switch instead of having to drill down into a menu to change something. A consumer and prosumer version of the same thing will share the same basic imager and lens, however.

[Randall League] "Should I go with High Def?"

I would. Future proof yourself and get something that can shoot both HD and SD. Of all the cameras that you have listed as possible candidates I would without question go for the Canon XH A1. There are tons of them out there already and lots of available accessories. It shoots both SD and HD but if it was me I'd always shoot HD and downconvert in post because downconverted HD always looks better in the end than shooting straight SD.

- Don

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