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shad allen
Canon AVCHD vrs SVP8
on Jun 9, 2008 at 4:04:24 am

I didnt realize the can of worms i was opening when i decided to join the AVCHD hell world. After much research, I decided to purchase the canon hf100 AVCHD camera. Its a great camera and the HD 1920 X 1080 in cinema mode looks fantastic. The problem is finding something to edit with. I did some research on editing programs and decided to go with Sony Vegas Pro 8. I was under the impression that they supported Canon. They do not support canon cameras. I know some computer experts are indeed editing their canon AVCHD on sony vegas pro 8., but cant get a hold of them. I had an old Hp compaq pressario with 1 gig of ram and 1.3 ghrz processor speed and some how managed to import files from my sandisk memory stick and capture them onto sony vegas pro 8. The problem was the play back was horrible and choppy. I assumed that it was my weak CPU and my low memory. So i went out and purchased a new computer. For some reason though my new computer a ( gateway intel Core 2 Quad 64 bit processor with 4 gigs of ram / giant hard drive and windows vista) will not import my memory stick files and or does not recognize mts files . i know there is a way to get vegas to work, but cant figure it out. I must of had a codec on that old computer. Sony will not providede tech support, because they only endorse their stuff and panasonic. The crappy pixma software that came with the camera wont work either. Pixma was bought up by Targetsoft Inc and they do not provide tech support. At this point im desperate and need some help.If anybody has any suggestions or ideas i would love to see them. Thanks again.

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Craig Cooper
Re: Canon AVCHD vrs SVP8
on Jun 9, 2008 at 7:20:22 pm

Hi Shad,

Don't give up just yet. I bought the HF10 which is the same cam as HF100. I too have Sony Vegas Pro 8. First, what is your final output going to be? Standard Definition DVD, HD movie, cell phone movie or YouTube?

I am also new to this new AVCHD codec which requires a powerful rig which you now have (Quad core, 4GB memory and I hope a GeForce GT8800 graphics card or equivalent)

A lot of AVCHD users are not getting the desired result because they not sure of the correct settings to use from SV 8. What I did was to get a RW DVD disc and then make a 1 min clip and try different configurations.

After downloading my footage to the PC I start a new project 1920x1080 even if I am going to make PAL DVD. Once you're done editing, "render as", and in your "Render as window" select "save as type "MainConcept MPEG-2 (*.mpeg......ect). Use template "Blu-ray 1920x1080 -24p..........)

Then open DVDA 4.5 and call in this M2V file that you've just rendered. Now burn it to your DVD RW as a test.

Let me know if you're happy with the results or let me know if you have another method that works for you. As I said before, I'm also new at this and would like to try new things.

Cheers Craig

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Craig Seeman
Re: Canon AVCHD vrs SVP8
on Jun 11, 2008 at 12:43:39 pm

Using Canon HF10 as a "b" camera. Works great in Final Cut Pro 6.0.3. Imports into FCP as AppleProRes422.

I attach camera or card reader to computer. Using FCP Log and Transfer. Select Clips. Import. Converts to ProRes on the fly.

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John Kert
Re: Canon AVCHD vrs SVP8
on Jun 13, 2008 at 4:52:34 am

I have an HG10. Produces 2GB .MTS files.
When more than one .MTS is imported into V8, Vegas quits (some error found).
The only way I made it work is this:
I drag all the .MTS files from the "Explorer" directly into V8 timeline (NOT import files). I still can not edit it any length of time before V8 quits. BUT I can render the entire time line into MPG2 (DVDA stream) then I render the sound to Wav file. Then i re-Import the MPG and wav files and I can edit fine and get a great SD dvd (after rendering to the usual DVDA).

This of course does not work to make HDdvds.

AMD dual core 5000+ Acer computer

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Benny Rietveld
Re: Canon AVCHD vrs SVP8
on Jun 14, 2008 at 4:29:45 pm

Hi there,

I also just got an HF10, and have FC Studio 2 (FC 6.0.1). It definitely worked as advertised, seemed pretty simple to connect, Log and Capture, etc.... but I'm trying to figure out why my clips are a bit stretched horizontally. Been poking around different settings and preferences, but to no avail as of yet. I know it's gotta be something really dumb, and usually I can find those things.

Thanks for you help in advance!

Benny Rietveld - Total Newbie
(Started life as a bass player and wondering why I want to get into film. Of course, I've always wondered why I got into music, too)

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Mel Perez
Re: Canon AVCHD vrs SVP8
on May 4, 2009 at 3:07:04 am

Hey Shad...i have vegas pro 8.0a and the same camera and have not had problems editing avchd. My pc specs are much like yours with 2gb ram , however i run 32 bit xp pro. Sony has free updates to 8.0c which supposedly addresses some issues with 64 bit Vista. I also purchased VASST Upshift which creates proxy files making it easier to edit for those with less powerful computers, however have not had to use it. Once editing is complete, files can be reconverted. Lot of info is available in the Sony Vegas forum so you might want to check there...

Hey Terry...guess i am still a little confused.I selected NTSC DV because i didn't see a DV option in the template drop down menu. So should i select the "default template (uncompressed)" to render an exact copy?...Thanks again

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