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HV30 + FCP workflow

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Toby Van Kleeck
HV30 + FCP workflow
on Mar 17, 2008 at 3:52:14 pm

Hi everyone, any help is greatly appreciated.

I'll first admit I am a total amateur at this stuff but I'll try to describe what I am trying to accomplish.

I'm thinking of getting the Canon HV30; after hearing all the glorious things about the HV20 and actually trying out the HV30, I'm just about convinced. But I have a couple questions about workflow and HD.

I know the HV30 is pretty new, but does anyone know if its a simple process getting footage from the cam to FCP 5.1.4? If I recall, the HV30 uses USB 2.0--so this is how the footage is transferred to iMac? And are there any special settings in FCP for capturing if I shoot in 24p? Apologies for all the noob questions.

The HV30 shoots in true HD, yes? If that's so, is is possible to retain true HD if I use the cam itself as a deck to capture into FCP 5.1.4 on an Intel iMac? And if that works (or even if I have to upgrade to Final Cut HD) how do I then get that true HD quality back out to an HDTV on DVD format?

Sorry for the loads of questions!! If anyone out there can provide me with advice on any of the above I would be so very grateful!! Thanks again in advance!


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John Lockwood
Re: HV30 + FCP workflow
on Apr 5, 2008 at 2:17:02 pm

Not sure how much help I am going to be here, as I am pretty ammature myself, but I can chime in a bit.

I have owned my Canon HV 30 for 5 days now. After playing with it A LOT, the only thing I can do to make the images better, is to learn how to set up shots the right way with white balance, shutter, ect.

I do not use Apple products, but I am using Sony Vegas pro to capture my footage from my cam. I can say, the Canon HV 30 does indeed shoot in true HD, but in my test, it appears it does not shoot in full 1920x1080. It is actualy 1440x1080.

Howver, its still HD... and after viewing the footage on my ony 42" Bravia HD, and my step father's 62'' RCA Plasma, I was AMAZED that this quality cam out of this camera. It is real HD.

I also can tell you, the USB 2.0 is NOT for transfering the video. It is not fast enough. The USB output is for transfering the still images you can take with the camera on a mini SD card.

To transfer the actualy HD footage you record, it has to be done via firewire (or in apple terms I think it is ilink?)

As far as getting HD video onto a standard DVD? Not happening. Although you can master the footage to a DVD that looks very good, your not going to get true HD footage on a standard DVD. Thats where Blu Ray burners are needed, and right now, those are still somewhat pricey along with any kind of software you will need to make them (from what I have read up on).

Hope this helped a bit.

John Lockwood
New To Pro Video; Needs major help!

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Brian Berneker
Re: HV30 + FCP workflow
on May 22, 2008 at 2:09:37 am

FCP loves my HV30 which is why I got TWO of them!

I had to do my setup for 1080i60 HDV and the rest is automatic... Log and Capture or Command-8. The rest is all right there.

After that you simply edit in 1080 HDV and save your files back out in the same format. You can output to your TV either by sending it back to tape or with a DVI to HDMI cable (I use a 46" TV as a monitor) or with the included cables on the camera.

If you want to burn the footage onto a standard DVD then use DVD Studio pro or some such application, but of course you will be downsampling the crap out of your beautiful HD. Use compressor or a nice little tool I like called MPEG Streamclip to convert it. Episode Pro is also a very nice re-compression app.

Hope this helps!


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