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XL1 or XL2?

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XL1 or XL2?
on Mar 13, 2007 at 3:27:55 pm

I'm an editor looking to buy either the canon XL1 or 2. I know there is a price definate price difference. I have been looking at both, and I really like the different modes they have to offer on the XL2, 24p,30,60i,4:3 or 16:9. I think I would like to invest the extra money for it because I think the quality of the video would ultimately be better. I was wondering if there were and serious downfalls to it that would deter me from spending the extra cash. Or is there a better camera all together that you would recommend instead for around the same price range? I put my computer specs below. Thanks Guys!

John J.

Quad Core G5 Power Mac
4.5 GB Ram
Final Cut 5.1

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Don Greening
Re: XL1 or XL2?
on Mar 13, 2007 at 11:44:16 pm

If I had to choose between the XL1 and the XL2 I'd choose the XL2. You can't find a new XL1 anyway, which means you'd have to buy a used one, which means......don't. The XL2 is light years ahead of the XL2 in terms of picture quality and shooting options.

XL2 drawbacks: front heavy and large.

Direct competition is the Panasonic DVX 100B.

100B drawbacks: 12X zoom and no native widescreen. But it is lighter, smaller and less expensive than the XL2.

The type of shooting you plan to do is the most important factor in a camera purchace. Once you know that then the camera choice is pretty much decided for you. For example: if the majority of your shooting is run and gun using available light (as in low light) I wouldn't consider either of the above cameras, but would instead go with the Sony PD170.

- Don

"Please take a moment to fill out your profile, including your computer system and relevant software. Help us help you."

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Re: XL1 or XL2?
on Mar 16, 2007 at 9:16:35 am

I own XL1, XL2, and H1. Out of the three, XL1 and 2 are easy to shoot but picture quality is not as good as the H1.

My Sony FX1 and U1 is sold for H1. Can you believe it? These two camera need a white color rework-IT BURNT EVERYTIME. Try to shoot an interacial couple. You in big trouble-but not the H1.

Yea, yea, there are other people try to defame the H1 by saying picture quality is not that much of a different. Please, go kill yourself.

My advise is, H1 is not built for prosumer. It built for the professional. Don't depend on auto focus on the H1-SUCKS. Once you are on Manual mode and 24F (FAKE frame), the image quality is please suckling juicy water drippin sharp. I love the H1 quality and color.

Oh, I paid off after only 4 wedding shot. Customer just love the image quality. And...I have to agree with them.

Now I'm going to get rid of my Sony DSR300 for another H1.

Oh, XL1 and 2, just buy anyone of those. Why pay for a color upgrade when you can do it in post editing?
Get the XL1. My two cents.


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Donald Berube
Re: XL1 or XL2?
on Mar 21, 2007 at 3:01:51 pm

You should also definitely take a strong, hands-on look at the Canon XH A1.

- don

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Re: XL1 or XL2?
on Apr 6, 2007 at 1:00:41 am

I own both cameras. The XL2 is definitely the more advanced of the two. But it is heavier and not a run an gun type tool. Works best on a tripod, shoulder work very uncomfortable. Very nice picture quality in the DV realm.

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