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Canon XL H1 compared Panasonic HVX200?

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Curious editor
Canon XL H1 compared Panasonic HVX200?
on Dec 27, 2006 at 10:20:59 am

(This is a trick question) Which of the two offers better quality images?
Which of the two can shoot true 24frames?
24frames gives a better look?
Are these cameras true HD quality?

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Steve West
Re: Canon XL H1 compared Panasonic HVX200?
on Dec 27, 2006 at 4:17:18 pm

I have a HVX200 and a Sony Z1- and I use a XL H1 on a regular basis- most of my work is commercial or corporate, and my pick is the XL H1.

On the XL, I shoot HDV, usually cine gamma, 30P (sometimes 24P, never mind your trick questions), downconvert to DV- edit on an Avid xpress HD with MOJO- and make component Betacam dubs for air, or a DVD for the corporate videos. This may change once the local stations start taking some sort of HD for local commercials or if some HD DVD format "takes hold".

If I was shooting a movie, it might be different.

Part of my reasoning has to do with my workflow. Editing HD is a pain- even though I have an HP 8200, dual 3.4 gig xeon processors, 4 gig of Ram, and in the end- I'm sending out SD. Converting HDV or HD to SD after editing doesn't seem to give me any better quality.

Why I like the XL-
-Better Lens

-Better image quality

-I like HDV as an acquisition format as opposed to full HD (and the 200 doesn't have HDV)

-Clients like to see a "bigger camera" on the shoot- (say what you want, but it's true)

Why I don't like the 200

-P2 cards

-On my very first shoot- I had a corrupt file on the P2 card- I spent days trying to figure out why my file copy failed. In addition, the second card I shot, was only playing 1 track of audio in the Avid, even though the P2 player had both tracks.

-P2 card workflow takes longer than tape- record 30 minutes of DV to P2 card- copy P2 to laptop on location and Verify (10 minutes), make DL DVD, burn and verify (20 minutes), oh, and hire another person to do this, because I'm shooting. Copy DVD to Avid hard drives- (8 minutes). Use media tool to get the files and pray (a couple of minutes depending on prayer). Make a backup of the DVD, just in case (20 minutes)


-The "reds" look like crap

So why did I buy a 200? Actually it was for one job and it will probably end up on Ebay.

So, my preference is the XL, then the Z, then the 200.

These opinions are based on my workflow and experience, not on any "shoot out" or specs- If I was using DVCPro HD, then of course, I'd have to use the 200, but truthfully, If I needed DVC pro HD, I'd rent a Varicam so I didn't have to deal with the P2 card issues.

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