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shooting music video with (2) XL1s cameras

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shooting music video with (2) XL1s cameras
on Nov 23, 2005 at 9:19:52 pm

question i am shooting a music video with 2 xl1s cameras, my problem is how do i get the 2 to lock to a timecode of some sort so i can edit in multicam, and 2nd how would i get the audio track which is cd and will be pumped thru loud speakers so really keep in sync. I have only film expericence usin dat audio and smart slates and tc gens. so go easy on me thansk a lot, oh yea I am doing this this weekend end and will post the video for all to see when done, it's for MTV europe

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Re: shooting music video with (2) XL1s cameras
on Nov 24, 2005 at 12:30:14 am

Roll-record on Cam 1 (which is feeding its output w/TC overlay into a video monitor).

Roll-record on Cam 2 which starts by shooting the MONITOR coming from Cam 1 so you can read the TC on it for a few seconds.

Don't stop rolling until you stop BOTH camcorders at the end of a take.

When you want to start up again, do the above procedure each time.
Keep the on-board MICS open throughout the shoot.
Just have someone CALL OUT the TAKE NUMBER each time you roll.

If you play from a CD it will be "dead-on" accurate for sync with your camcorders' footage in post.

If you start the CD from the beginning each time for each take it will be simple to slide the video into sync with the audio track each time.

If you want to start the CD "deep" within a cut for a given "insert shot" just pause the CD a bit before the actual audio that you'll be shooting, and have someone CALL OUT the time number (reading on the front of the CD player) where you'll start from that time.

Capture the audio directly from the CD into the edit system and use it as your base audio track. Then slide the video into place using the audio from the ON-CAM MICS as a reference.

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Re: shooting music video with (2) XL1s cameras
on Nov 24, 2005 at 2:15:31 am

I just thought of another method that goes along with the above.

Burn a "special" CD of the track(s) you are using for your audio base. On it, have an audible (spoken) countdown to the beginning of the actual MUSIC on any track (say 15-20 seconds of spoken countdown) This will help the musicians know when to start and give the cameras time to "get ready" (which I'll explain next).

Have the CD player on-set and start both cameras roll-recording at about the same time.
CALL OUT a take number and hit play on the CD player.
BOTH cameras start by shooting the TIME COUNTER on the CD player (just for the first 5 sec of the audible countdown).
Then whip the cameras into place to begin the take.

In post, just slide both cameras' images so the CD player's TIME COUNTER matches exactly.

This should work PERFECTLY for exact sync.

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Martin Vincent
Re: shooting music video with (2) XL1s cameras
on Dec 23, 2005 at 3:12:06 am


For the camera sync issue, you can start the cameras with the remote controle on the same channel as both camera.

And for the audio simply input it where it should go... in the line in of one of the camera. You could use the sound of the other cam for the ambiance on post.

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