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XL1s Mic Question

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XL1s Mic Question
on Sep 20, 2005 at 11:24:14 am

Hello....I am doing some interviewing using a Canon XL1s and I am having some problems with my audio. I have taken the microphone off the camera and placed it on a mic stand about a metre from the interviewee (with the help of an extenstion cable)

I get really clear audio of the person talking, but the microphone picks up sounds that are happening 20-30 metres away, such as birds, trees and an annoying lady on a phone 3 rooms away. I am filming inside and have shut all the windows and doors, but I still get extra sounds.

Is there any function on the camera that can help me??? If I turn down the mic level, I loose the voice of the person (these are eldery people and they don't speak very loud)

I have seen travel shows where the presenter will be talking in a busy street and you can hardly hear the sounds around him Eg people, traffic etc

Has anyone go any ideas???

Thanks in advance

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Don Greening
Re: XL1s Mic Question
on Sep 20, 2005 at 6:16:45 pm

That's because the presenter on the street is probably using a mic that's much more expensive and is also much more discrimminating about what sounds it's picking up. The mic that your XL1s uses is made to pick up everything. Notice the holes up and down both sides without the windscreen on it. Unfortunately, anything I suggest is going to cost you more money.

First of all, you need to get the mic as close to the person's mouth as possible without it being in your picture. This means attaching it to the end of a boom pole and employing a boom operator. You will get better dialogue this way and not quite as much 'out ot frame' audio muddling the mix if you're still using the Canon mic. What you really need is a mic that's designed for this type of work.

An alternative is to buy a good wired/wireless lavali

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