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Component output problem

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PP newbie
Component output problem
on Sep 15, 2005 at 8:31:26 pm

I believe the analog video out of my XL1 is need of repair. I can use FireWire to get a clean signal in or out of the camera but when I try and go with the component out into a VCR the picture is all messed up. Does anyone know the best way to get this repaired and about how much it would run?

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Re: Component (COMPOSITE?) output problem
on Sep 15, 2005 at 9:27:03 pm

I guess you mean the COMPOSITE output (RCA jack).

Sounds like the output jack may have come loose from the circuit board.

If the unit us under warranty, get it to a Canon repair shop.

If its out of warranty, see if there are any good electronic repair folks in your area.
Tell them you think its a loose jack on the circuit board and see what they estimate to open the camera re-solder it.

However, the following can save you a lot of money over having the camcorder serviced.

Have you tried using the S-Video output to see if this works?
(Feed it to a TV/monitor that has an S-video input.)

If that jack works, you CAN connect it to a standard composite monitor (one that does not have an S-Video input) by using an "S-video to Composite Adapter".
This passive device does nothing more than "parallel" (combine) the video and the color outputs from the "S" jack and feed them together to a single RCA or BNC plug that will fit into a standard monitor.

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