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Hd movie burn to dvd problem jitteriness

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Mary Nesnay
Hd movie burn to dvd problem jitteriness
on Dec 6, 2013 at 4:32:33 am


I'm trying to burn a 14 minute movie to a dvd. When I play it on tv, the picture jitters/looks pixelated every other second. The dvd menu also does this. Is it because the movie is hd and it's being burned on normal dvd not bluray?

These are the QT movie settings:
29.97 fps
48 kHz , stereo

To burn, I'm using dvdstyler and sony dvd+r 4.7gb:
Video bitrate. Auto
Audio bitrate. 192 kbit/s
Aspect ratio 16:9, audio- AC3 (48 kHz)

Burn speed at x1

I am new to this, so I appreciate any help. Thank you.

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Christopher Smith
Re: Hd movie burn to dvd problem jitteriness
on Jan 7, 2014 at 4:08:20 pm

[Mary Nesnay] "the picture jitters/looks pixelated every other second."

Hi Mary

As your source footage is 29.97 fps and NTSC DVDs are designed for that frame rate, that's not the issue.
Your DVD playback is periodically (regularly) going fuzzy? This sounds like the GOP length is too long. The I-frame (which has all the picture information in one frame) begins the GOP and then as playback continues with frames containing only some of the picture info (P and B frames), the picture gets worse until finally another I-frame arrives to restore clarity.

As your source video is so short, you also should be able to set compression to the highest bit rate allowed. If this is the only video on the disc, I would compress at 9 Mbps. There are two variables that relate to GOP length, M and N. Set N=15, M=3 in your compression settings.

I haven't used DVDStyler, and I don't know what other software you have. If this is the only time you'll make a DVD, then just dig into the settings within that program to fix your compression parameters. But if you're doing DVD authoring more often, you should do compression outside your authoring program. Letting the authoring program do the compression is fine for quick-and-dirty discs, but not for discs you want to look good. Use Apple Compressor, Adobe Media Encoder, or something else for compression, then put the .m2v and .ac3 files into your authoring software.

Christopher Smith

CBN International

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