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Problem building menus in DVD Architect Studio

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Afsheen Nomai
Problem building menus in DVD Architect Studio
on Jul 26, 2012 at 9:31:30 pm

I've tried Sony support, but all I get is dead air. So I'm going for a hail Mary pass here in the hopes someone has had this issue and knows how to fix it.

I've got a workflow building DVDs that I've been using for years and just now I've started having a problem, and so far this is the only time it happens: I have a DVD with 16 videos (about 1 gig each) and 2 menus. Going through and selecting thumbnail images, when I try to get to the timeline for the 4th video on the 2nd menu, I get the error below and DVD Architect crashes. I'd like to point out that NOTHING has changed about my procedure for doing this process for over 4 years, I've been using the same type of video and the same workflow. I updated from 4.5 to 4.5d hoping it would solve the problem, it did not. I uninstalled and re installed, problem still exists. This error did start to happen after a recent Windows update, so the two may be related. I also have DVD Architect Pro 5.0 and have the exact same problem there, except the error hits earlier in the build than with Studio 4.5. Here is the error log:

Sony DVD Architect Studio
Version 4.5d (Build 107)
Exception 0xC0000005 (access violation) READ:0x393A0A4 IP:0x31FA8844
In Module 'aviplug.dll' at Address 0x31F90000 + 0x18844
Thread: Sffc ThumbnailRenderThread ID=0xB9C Stack=0x51DF000-0x51E0000
EAX=00000000 CS=0023 EIP=31fa8844 EFLGS=00010286
EBX=fffff350 SS=002b ESP=051df2b8 EBP=03940600
ECX=0393a0a0 DS=002b ESI=ffffffff FS=0053
EDX=00000000 ES=002b EDI=08f214a8 GS=002b
Bytes at CS:EIP:
31FA8844: 85 41 04 0F 84 94 00 00 .A......
31FA884C: 00 0F B7 45 08 83 C3 01 ...E....
Stack Dump:
051DF2B8: 051DF344 050E0000 + FF344
051DF2BC: 00000000
051DF2C0: 08F214A8 08B60000 + 3C14A8
051DF2C4: 000012C8
051DF2C8: 00000166
051DF2CC: 08F214A8 08B60000 + 3C14A8
051DF2D0: 31FA8464 31F90000 + 18464 (aviplug.dll)
051DF2D4: 8004E00A
051DF2D8: 00000FBC
051DF2DC: 00000000
051DF2E0: 00000000
051DF2E4: 00000000
051DF2E8: 051DF304 050E0000 + FF304
051DF2EC: 00000000
051DF2F0: 08F214A8 08B60000 + 3C14A8
051DF2F4: 08F21644 08B60000 + 3C1644
> 051DF308: 31FAB6AC 31F90000 + 1B6AC (aviplug.dll)
> 051DF30C: 31FAB723 31F90000 + 1B723 (aviplug.dll)
> 051DF314: 31FAB8E4 31F90000 + 1B8E4 (aviplug.dll)
> 051DF3A4: 004EC11B 00400000 + EC11B (dvdarchst45.exe)
051DF3A8: 08F21A30 08B60000 + 3C1A30
051DF3AC: 000012C8
051DF3B0: 00000000
051DF3B4: 051DFA48 050E0000 + FFA48
> 051DF3E0: 0046419F 00400000 + 6419F (dvdarchst45.exe)
051DF3E4: 000012C8
051DF3E8: 00000000
051DF3EC: 051DFC18 050E0000 + FFC18
051DF3F0: 051DFBE8 050E0000 + FFBE8
> 051DF414: 00B40000 00400000 + 740000 (dvdarchst45.exe)
> 051DF418: 00780000 00400000 + 380000 (dvdarchst45.exe)
051DF41C: 00000000
051DF420: 00000000
051DF424: 0000002A
051DF428: 0000001F
> 051DF474: 00B40000 00400000 + 740000 (dvdarchst45.exe)
> 051DF478: 00780000 00400000 + 380000 (dvdarchst45.exe)
- - -
051DFFF0: 00000000
051DFFF4: 6C6929E1 6C690000 + 29E1 (MSVCR80.dll)
051DFFF8: 0104FD58 01040000 + FD58
051DFFFC: 00000000

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