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DVD Studio Pro: Burn Vs. Build/Format

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Cade Loven
DVD Studio Pro: Burn Vs. Build/Format
on Jan 17, 2012 at 4:52:23 pm

Hello friends,

Because DVD Studio Pro will not allow me to adjust the burn speed, my next option is to click "Build/Format" to create a disc image and then use Toast to burn the DVD itself. Nothing new here. However, many of the projects I attempt this workflow with end up with an unhelpful "formatting failed" message after successful muxing with no indication of what the problem is. Not all projects bring up this error--but many do.

Sometimes the problem fixes itself--restarting the computer or otherwise praying to the computer gods. But sometimes this doesn't work.

Here's the real frustration: if I capitulate on the burn speed issue, and use DVD Studio Pro to burn the disc, the formatting process proceeds without error. This has been repeated without variance, but the quality of the burns at high speeds is not good enough so I need an alternative solution.

WHY is it that the formatting fails when creating a disc image but not when burning with DVD Studio Pro? I'm frankly stumped.

Thank you for any help.

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Filip Kubiš
Re: DVD Studio Pro: Burn Vs. Build/Format
on Jan 17, 2012 at 5:29:54 pm

What I do and consider to be the best way is:
1. Buld project
1a. Test it one more in DVD player
2. Format project (burn it via DVDSP)
2a. I always turn off losless linking and I never had any error burning it.

DO NOT USE Build&Format option. Just dont ;-)

But many guys will tell you (and I agree with them) they Build it in DVDSP and than use Toaster titanium. Hovere some will tell you they always use 4x or 8x no matter what is the DVD default speed and they will say they never had any problem. And some will argue DVD is supposed to be burned on its maximum speed ;-)

So choose. But as for me DVD-R (never +R) Butild, Test, Format (no losless linking) I have not once get an error or failing master. It is slow, but speed is the last thing you need when authoring ;-)

DVD bitrate calculator: HERE
DVD Bit Budgeting tool: HERE
Dual-Layer Break tutorial: HERE
Anti-aliasing PS plugin: HERE
Other very useful stuff: HERE

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Michael Sacci
Re: DVD Studio Pro: Burn Vs. Build/Format
on Jan 17, 2012 at 5:44:16 pm

Sorry, I always use Build and Format. There is no difference in doing it as one step verses your 2. But the problem with you way is if you make a change and forget to do the build, DVDSP will burn the disc with the old build without any warning that changes have been made. If you always do a build there is not a problem. Now I don't always format, so I do proof a build as you state, but when I do to format I use Build and Format as a safety net. If you have not made any changes it doesn't add but a couple of seconds to the process.

What is a problematic process is the BURN function. People do have problem with that.

Using build in Toast is a good procedure but I don't use Toast that much anymore. I have had less then 5 bad burns in DVDSP in the past several years and hundreds of disc made.

Totally agree with always unchecking "Lossless Linking" with they had made that the default. Asked for that for years.

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Cade Loven
Re: DVD Studio Pro: Burn Vs. Build/Format
on Jan 17, 2012 at 6:04:53 pm

Is there a way to create a disc image without formatting then?

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