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Audio quality/mix Pro Res LT timeline to DVDSP DVD? Avchd artifacting

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Chris Simpson
Audio quality/mix Pro Res LT timeline to DVDSP DVD? Avchd artifacting
on Nov 22, 2011 at 4:10:05 pm

I know, I know, read the boards and I have, and tried the solutions suggested but they don't seem to have improved the situation.

Just finished a client project. Shot and edited in Pro Res LT, in FCP7, have Compressed it in Compressor for YouTube for approval loves my promo, and the audio mix and clarity sound fine, like my timeline in fcp. Compressed it again for DVD and the finished audio sounds awful. Now fcp7 compressor 3.5. I've changed it to -31 instead of -27, taken off the film standard compression removed all the compressor filters for best quality DVD and it still sounds awful on my DVD & Blu ray players, even back in the mac pro back through the monitoring speakers.

It's muffled, it sounds like it's stripped out bands of frequencies, the clarity and the separation of music, effects and vo has disappeared. I'm puzzled as compressor did a perfectly good job crushing it on the YouTube settings, but maintaining fidelity and mix, and the audio bit rate on the DVD audio is high.

Can anyone point me to a solution?

I've also got Toast 10, I'm so disappointed I'm going to try to do a Blu ray for his showstand loop, it'll better in HD and hopefully the encoding will be kinder on the audio.

Another thought was whether an audio only QuickTime file or another audio file would sit in the DVD in place of the Dolby track?

I shot everything on Atomos ninja save for 2 avchd handicams which were transcoded to pro Res on log and transfer there is some awful blockiness and artifacting now in standard def, on high movement, that's not there in the timeline or on the YouTube compression, any suggestions? Is it me or has Apple deliberately (how I'm feeling) crippled Compressor for DVD as it didn't believe in that medium/paradigm!?

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Michael Sacci
Re: Audio quality/mix Pro Res LT timeline to DVDSP DVD? Avchd artifacting
on Nov 22, 2011 at 11:24:30 pm

Wow you are all over the place. Can you slow down and repost this in clear manner. Take screen captures of all the setting you are doing.

I have never heard compressor do anything close to what you are describing. I have heard bad things when people start changing the dialog normalization way do, are you sure you have it at -31?

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