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Audio delay probs on DVD from Architect 4

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Jeff Bellantine
Audio delay probs on DVD from Architect 4
on Apr 15, 2011 at 11:14:30 pm

Ok, I'm authoring an 11 min short film in Architect 4. The original footage was cut in FCP and rendered into an MPEG2 and AC3 just like I would do and have done before in Vegas.
I tested the audio and video in Architect Preview and everything syncs just fine. When I go to burn a DVD and load that into all 3 different players the audio is slightly delayed (video lips moving before the words come out). It's not horrible but noticeable 10 minutes in.

I can slightly see it's getting worse as the movie plays so I'm guessing it's slowly getting worse in time.

I've cut and rendered 3 films with Vegas and Architect 4 and never had this problem. The last film I did was cut in FCP and I rendered it for festivals in Architect and also not a problem. The editor that gave me these files is by no means a noob and he's checked his settings but we can't figure out the problem.

The output properties on Architect are for NTSC Widescreen, the one thing I remember from years ago was the fps settings. I can't seem to find them anywhere in the prop settings and not sure if I'm remembering correctly.

At this point I'm just fishing for an answer ... does this situation sound familiar to anyone?? I'm searched the previous posts and found audio probs just nothing matching what I have now.

Thanks for all advise!!!

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Jeff Bellantine
Re: Audio delay probs on DVD from Architect 4
on Apr 17, 2011 at 3:50:58 pm

Ok, following up on my earlier post ... I have some more information. The background is the movie was shot on an EX-1 at 1080p 24f.
Project was edited in FCP and rendered out for Blu-Ray in the specs below.
When the editor went to burn an SD version he says the specs were the same except the "name,description, file size, usage".

My problem is putting the SD version into Architect it will "render" and the resulting video has an audio sync problem. The audio is running about 1/2 a second behind by the end of the movie.

So I have three files, an HD version with the below specs, an SD version with the below specs with "name,description, file size, usage" changed, and an audio (ac3) file with the below specs (so I'm using the same audio file for both video files).

I'm simply trying to burn screeners and a master for replication. Does anyone have any advise?

I hope these details make things clearer. I am waiting for the exact SD specs from the editor when he gets home.
I did already check Architect for the frame rate setting and it is at 23.9, so that's not the problem.

Name: HD MPEG-2 19.0Mbps
Description: For HD DVD. Fits up to 30 minutes on a DVD-5
File Extension: m2v
Estimated file size: 7.91 GB/hour of source
Type: MPEG-2 video elementary stream
Usage:HD DVD
Video Encoder
Format: M2V
Width and Height: Automatic
Pixel aspect ratio: Default
Crop: None
Padding: None
Frame rate: (100% of source)
Frame Controls: Automatically selected: Off
Start timecode from source
Aspect ratio: Automatic
Selected 16:9
Field dominance: Automatic
Average data rate: 18 (Mbps)
2 Pass VBR enabled
Maximum data rate: 27 (Mbps)
High quality
Best motion estimation
Closed GOP Size: 1/2 second, Structure: IBBP
DVD Studio Pro meta-data enabled

Name: Dolby Digital Professional 2.0
Description: 2.0 Dolby Digital audio at 192kbps
File Extension: ac3
Estimated file size: 82.4 MB/hour of source
Audio Encoder
Format: AC3
Sample Rate: 48.000kHz
Channels: 2
Bits Per Sample: 16
Target System: DVD Video
Data Rate: 192 kbps
Compression Preset: Film Standard
Audio Coding Mode: 2/0 (L, R)
BitStream Mode: Complete Main
Center Mix Level: -3dB
Surround Mix Level: -3dB
Dolby Surround Mode: None
LFE Exists: No
Dialog Normalization: -27 dbFS
Copyright Exists: Yes
Original Content: Yes
Audio Production Information Exists: No
RF Overmodulation Protection: Off
Channel Bandwidth Lowpass Filter: On
DC Highpass Filter: On
LFE Channel Lowpass Filter: On
3dB Attenuation: Off
phase 90: Off
Deemphasis: Off

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