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ODD: jitter only in some parts of the same video

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Giacomo Sardelli
ODD: jitter only in some parts of the same video
on Aug 14, 2010 at 1:51:29 pm

Hi everybody, I hope someone can help me with my problem.

I filmed a video of a skating event with two cameras, then I edited everything in a multiclip in fcp 6, exported with compressor and authored with dvd studio pro.
Everything is fine on the dvd played on the mac, but it is not shown properly on tv: some parts of the video jitter. This happens only with the video from camera 1. I mean, in 1 minute of video, for example, with different angles shown, only the bits that were filmed with camera 1 jitter. That doesn't happen on the mac, only on the 2 dvd players I have at home, one on a lcd tv, the other on a crt tv.

I guessed it was a problem of field dominance, which still could be, but i tried to change it from bottom to top and nothing happens. Moreover, the video jitter ONLY in some parts of the footage filmed with camera 1. Sometimes the image is smooth, sometimes is not. In the same video, which was filmed continuosly from beginning to end.

The superimposed text on the jittering parts is smooth.

I provide some more info on the process, and the problems i faced:
-The cameras weren't mine, so I was given two dvds with the raw footage, but in mpeg2.
-I had to extract the videos from the dvd while converting them into DV in order to edit the footage properly.
-Of course, one video was 16:9, the other one 4:3.
-In fcp, I set the sequence to anamorphic, and set all the videos in anamorphic format, too. Then i left the 16:9 one as it was, and I set the parameters of the 4:3 video to match the 16:9 one without distortion (zoom 133%, distort 33,33%)
-The video with problem while played on a tv is the native 16:9.

That's it, I have no idea of what to try now.

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance.


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Michael Sacci
Re: ODD: jitter only in some parts of the same video
on Aug 15, 2010 at 4:43:19 am

It is most likely a field order issue which can be introduced in several ways. it you crop or move video an odd line you can introduce this issue.

The problem is also unsolvable unless you have an external monitor for your FCP system. WIthout this key piece of equipment you have no idea when and where the problem is being introduced. I just fixed a documentary with the same problem, no idea how the guy got it so messed up but without me playing the timeline out to a TV there would be no easy way to fix this.

Couple things to check, first does the original DVDs play okay with regards to this camera angle? If yes, make a m2v and DVD from your converted file, if it plays okay you know you introduced the problem in the editing process. If the converted file plays back okay tell us what you did to they angle, is it one of the 4:3, did you scale it? reposition it?

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Giacomo Sardelli
Re: ODD: jitter only in some parts of the same video
on Aug 15, 2010 at 3:22:36 pm

Thanks Michael,

I checked again the original dvd: actually, it's divided in 2 "chapters", because i stopped the camera after 1 hour and i filmed the second hour on a new footage. The second part is fine, the first part is jittering from the beginning to the end. At this point, it must be a problem of filming, or a problem of the camera software that the owner used to put the video on the dvd.

Since I noticed it only now, after the hours and hours of work I spent for editing in multicam mode (and I won't be paid for this!) I think I will leave everything as it is: I can't start it over again, and the video is still enjoyable as it is an amateur footage.

It' strange, tough, that the problem is on the original dvd... I'm curious about it, how can it be that a camera messes up a video while filming?

Thanks indeed for your help, hope this could be helpful for someone else with the same problem.

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