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Creating High Def (AVCHD) Discs on a Mac?

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Adam Schoales
Creating High Def (AVCHD) Discs on a Mac?
on Nov 15, 2009 at 5:12:06 am

HOPEFULLY someone here can answer these questions, I have to say I'm very confused...

So backstory: we just got a blu-ray player at home and thats really exciting. Also, a few months back I got a brand new camcorder for my birthday, a sony, that shoots AVCHD. When I got it I had read it was possible to make special AVCHD discs for playback in blu-ray players to play back your HD content, but it looked like everything was PC only. Didn't really matter at the time since we had no blu-ray player.

Now, here's the question I have: I have a mac. I just shot a concert video, in 1080i AVCHD for a friend and we're editing it right now. The intent is for her to have DVD copies. However now that I have this blu-ray player I'm interested in making a HD version for myself to playback.

Thing is I have NO idea what I'd go about doing.

The show itself is only about 45 minutes so I figure I can probably squeeze it onto a dual-layer disc or something. But I don't know what the process is. I know that DVD Studio Pro could author HD but I dont know if this requires special discs or what the deal is.

So here's my question: how would I go about making a High Definition disc from my final edited Final Cut Pro sequence that will playback in the Blu-ray player? Bearing in mind that I have to convert the original AVCHD files to Apple Pro-Res to edit. I think I saw some HD presets in compressor but haven't experimented.

We have Final Cut Studio 3 at work so if I need some of the special features of that I should have them, but any help or guidance you can offer would be really really great!

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Noah Kadner
Re: Creating High Def (AVCHD) Discs on a Mac?
on Nov 15, 2009 at 7:58:30 pm

You can make a DVD-R that will play in some Blu-ray disc with DVDSP- provided you have FCS 3. Just google for it...


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Lee Faulkner
Re: Creating High Def (AVCHD) Discs on a Mac?
on Dec 9, 2010 at 2:14:00 pm

Here's 3 ways to do what you want.

1: First ingest the footage to FCP 7. Edit it. Then go to the File/Share menu. The Share pane opens with a DVD preset. Click on it and change it to BluRay. Check the 'Create DVD" box. (now you can click the "i" button to adjust Menu Options if you want. Click the Execute button. Insert a blank DVD-R. Done

I have managed 45 minutes on a single layer DVD. I don't know if this method works with Dual Layer DVD's. I tried once and it failed... might have been a bad disk though.

2: From FCP 7 File/Send To/ Compressor. Here you'll have to create a new "AVC HD for BluRay" Preset. (Apple to don't provide one ... that's S Jobs making sure the BluRay is a "bag of Hurt"). Click the + button at the top of the Settings Pane. Choose "H264 for BluRay". In the options window that pops up switch the Stream Usage to AVCHD (it's set to BluRay). Save the preset. Now drag it to your sequence in Compressor.
Now make another Preset and choose "Dolby Digital Professional". Save it and drag iot to the Compressor sequence. (the video preset won't have any audio...). Submit the job. This will create 2 files
1: sequence.h264
2: sequence audio.ac3
I din't think DVD-SP can burn these to disk ( haven't had time to try very hard) but I use Toast 10 ... choose the Video Tab, select the BluRay Video option and drop the 2 files from compressor in there. Burn. Done.

3:In FCP do a File/Export/Quicktime Movie (using Current Settings) open Toast 10 and just drop the QT movie in there as described above. Select the Menu options (pretty garish menus Im afraid) and Burn. Toast will do all the rest.

When trouble strikes one of these methods has always worked for me... so far.



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