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problem exporting frames in mpeg streamclip

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Feather Rogers-Dayton
problem exporting frames in mpeg streamclip
on Oct 16, 2009 at 11:58:10 pm

(i'm not sure if this is the correct place to put this question, so please move it if it isn't!)

as it says above, i am having problems exporting frames from a dvd. the frames contain pictures (one frame = one picture) that, when the dvd plays as a dvd, are in a slideshow controlled by the right, left and up arrow keys.

initially it took awhile to find the frames (which i eventually did, in the VTS_01_0.VOB file), because streamclip didn't want to open the .vob files on its own, and i had to rip them with dvd decrypter and THEN open them in streamclip. i also had success opening them using dvd43 in conjunction with streamclip (what a useful tool that is!)

but now that i've found them and can view them outside of the slideshow format, i'm not able to export most of them.

(fyi - i use mpeg streamclip because i like the export frame option, rather than actually screencapping and having to edit the pictures later, but i am not averse to trying new programs! also, i am in the US, trying to work with an NTSC dvd)

i can find and scroll through the frames no problem, but when i try to export them, streamclip gives me the wrong frame or just a black frame. i took the time and actually counted how many frames it is off by (127), and would be willing enough to back the file up by 127 frames and export frames "blindly", but i've hit a snag when i try and do so; after backing up about 25 or so frames from where the pictures begin, streamclip goes wonky and backs it up all the way to the beginning of the file.

(also fyi - the frames i want are sandwiched between a video file containing the chapter menus and another video file showing the name of the producer)

i'm wondering if this might be:

a) a problem in the production of the dvd?
b) streamclip just not being able to handle it (given the size of the the content, i believe it to be a dual-layer dvd)?
c) a timecode break problem? i've tried opening it all various ways (with fixing breaks, without fixing breaks, etc) and nothing seems to work

i've tried opening it on both a PC and MAC (streamclip for MAC sometimes works better for some jobs), but nothing i've tried helps.
(on pc, i've tried it on both regular WinXP and x64 WinXp).

does anyone have any suggestions?
does anyone know of a batch process that will simply let me rip all of the file's frames as jgps? (the whole file is only 6 1/2 minutes long).

i will screencap and crop if i absolutely have to, but there are a maybe 100 of these pics, and i'd rather not :-P\

thank you!

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