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Jagged edges and Horizontal lines on SD DVD from HD Sequence

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Mike Allen
Jagged edges and Horizontal lines on SD DVD from HD Sequence
on Jul 23, 2009 at 4:50:32 pm

I know there are many variables that can cause this problem. At a glance it looks like a field order issue, however I cannot seem to resolve this problem. I have checked my workflow and I do not see anything wrong with it. I also read a few post from people who are also having this issue but did not find anything that would correct my problem.

Here is my workflow.

1. Shot 60i HD with my Z5U Sony.
2. captured with Kona LHi to ProRes 60i preset in Final Cut Pro
3. Footage looks fantastic on Monitor in HD
4. Finished edit and exported a self contained movie with current settings.
5. Opened compressor and used the 120 min. best quality preset. I checked those settings and everything looked good to me. I was detecting upper field first as a default for my footage, which was correct.
6. Took footage to DVD SP and authored a DVD. I made sure everything was set to 16x9 in the preferences window.

The resulting DVD looked very bad to me. My standard Def. footage edited on my old G4 & media 100 system then compressed with Bitvice looked much better than this. I have jagged edges and horizontal lines in my finished DVD. I tried compressing a 30 sec. clip with different settings, like a different field order or deinterlaced without much success. I can burn a HD DVD or a Blue Ray disc with toast and everything looks excellent. SD DVD is practically unusable. I am sure you may need more info to help me with this, so ask away. I really need to figure this one out.


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Jon Geddes
Re: Jagged edges and Horizontal lines on SD DVD from HD Sequence
on Jul 24, 2009 at 5:14:36 pm

I've actually just wrote an article on this topic, since both Apple and Adobe software are plagued by horrible downscaling algorithms. Unfortunately I have yet to find a solution on the Mac, however I do provide a workflow that rivals the quality of Hollywood studios, using completely free applications. I provide sample images and all:

Jon Geddes

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Patricia Buskirk
Re: Jagged edges and Horizontal lines on SD DVD from HD Sequence
on Nov 27, 2010 at 4:06:48 am


Did you ever get a good answer for Final Cut Pro users to fix this jagged edge problem?

If so, could you please explain the process to me. I apologize if this post is redundant, but I've looked at all the threads that talk about this issue and so far I haven't seen any solutions or I should say I need clarification for some of the answers.

I did read one thread that mentioned to "nest your HD sequence into a new 720 x 480 sequence" before output to compressor, BUT that doesn't provide enough detail. There are many steps involved and many settings that need to be addressed with the various pull down menus. I have tons of follow up questions. What about the proper Aspect ratio (i.e. CCIR 601 NTSC(40:27)- which changes the height to 720 to 486, or CCIR 601 NTSC Sq (4:3) or NTSC or NTSC DV , or custom, etc. - and what about the Pixel Aspect Ratio? - Does it need to stay "Square" and if not, which of the other pull down choices do you pick and why? What about the field dominance issue? [So even if I get all the settings right, then what should I expect as far as rendering time for a 2 hour program? Just making slight changes causes crazy amounts of time to render and this approach seems pretty extreme.]

One thread says this issue comes up about 3x a week, but why haven't I been able to find any answers with just using FCP, Compressor and DVDSp?
If someone has already explained all this, could you please provide me with a link?

thanks in advance.

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