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NERO 9 burning software disaster

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Wayne Grauel
NERO 9 burning software disaster
on Dec 13, 2008 at 12:55:57 am

Hi.. has anyone had any luck with Nero 9. I wanted to use nero on my vista machine. I have used nero 6.X for years and recommended it to a lot of people...

What a disaster Nero 9 is. First the program is bloated beyond anyone's imagination. Can you believe 370 megs for a burning software?

And the real problem is.. it will not install. it hangs up my computer each time and i have to do a hard reset. I've downloaded it twice.. 2 system restores to get my computer to run again...

never could get beyond about 20% and the hole install program stops responding.

Evidently.. I am far from alone on this problem.. check out their own user forum.. so .. has anyone else had this problem..

OH.. BTW.. if you upgrade and find out it just screwed up your computer..

forget a refund... oh.. they are very sorry.. but it's against their terms and conditions.. perfect.. "their terms and conditions are screw their customers with crap software they know has serious issues...

So.. if you are looking for burning software for Vista.. i suggest you all read user forums carefully... i wish I had...

Not to mention a stupid burning program swallowing 360 megs...

( on and yes.. a Free tool bar that..according to their own forum is a living nightmare to get rid of.


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eric pautsch
Re: NERO 9 burning software disaster
on Dec 13, 2008 at 8:52:02 am

I say uninstall it and download img burn - its free and has more features:

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Wayne Grauel
Re: NERO 9 burning software disaster
on Dec 13, 2008 at 3:01:44 pm

Thanks... back in the good old days.. ahead nero was "all business" when it came to burning - and nothing outperformed it in my book.

However... as versions progressed,, they became more of an "office suite of burning" and I found myself with frequent hangs.. and a lot of problems.. So.. out back to the tried and tested Nero 6.X version which was the last of the rock solid releases in my opinion.

I have a photographer business associate who echoed the same thing.. that as nero progress on.. the who thing ending up f$%#%ng up his computer to the point that the only recourse was a system restore and back to a previous Version.

Well.. unfortunately you do not have this luxury if you now into Vista,, because none of them will work in the first place.

Typical of every company that gets "full of itself"... they want to be all things to all people and try to do it all right down to pickup out what clothes you are going to wear.

I think the biggest clue is the tool bar. If they were really about being serious as a software company they would not be pushing some spyware as an added bonus. Here's some revealng info on that subject:..
Q: What about the Ask toolbar itself? Is it worth installing?

No. I discourage users from running Ask's toolbars for two reasons. First, Ask moves the browser's Address Bar from top-left (where it is found in every browser I've ever seen) to top-right. Ask puts its own search box in the top-left. So Ask's software makes it highly likely that users will accidentally conduct searches when they intend simply to navigate to sites they request by name.

Second, Ask's toolbar leads to landing pages that are objectionable in their own right. Ask's landing pages show ten ads — ten! — above the first organic result. On a 800×600 screen, that means 2 full pages of ads, plus a little bit more after that, all before the first organic result. That's ridiculous. No user deserves that, especially since organic results are safer than sponsored links."

So.. you have to ask yourself.. is nero about really being a professional media burning program .. or have they prostituted themselves totally for the same of a quick buck and the stereotype that you and I arew the stupid impotent man in the Vonage commercial??.

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Wayne Grauel
the problem is aslo about the cost in time
on Dec 13, 2008 at 3:22:29 pm

this thread poses another reality of software companies like nero who think they are above ethics or good common business sense.

Far beyond the $75.00 upgrade that is basically up in smoke acording to their "terms and conditions".. Who really reads that crap and says NO.. if you need a program you say typically say yes.. Especially if it was a company you had done business with and believed in their products. I guess we are Hopefully assuming their terms and conditions would reflect some moral ethic to the quality of their work...

Look at the actual cost of an entire day wasted on this one...

first, I did not make any money,

2nd.. i spent the better part of my day repairing my computer back to normal

3, in addition to not generating billable income that the program was supposed to allow me to do..

I was left that much further behind with work that stacked up in the chain of production thanks to Nero eating up my whole day without an appointment.

So.. in the end.. i could use the burning program that came with DVD architect and have bought a 4 - 6 disc duplicator on EBAY and broken even on my time as billable hours.

Then i would have had a long term return on this rather than just a simple loss and the aggravation of them thinking they can just screw people who actually use products for a living.

I'm spending some time on this thread because in this day and age - if we are to survive.. we have to be productive and that really can't be accomplished if you end up being taken by surprise on what was once terrific software than is doing nothing more than releasing software that has serious and known issues while they coast along on their previous reputation and hope they figure out what the problem is.

I have a hunch.. in a short while they are going to have a lot more angry people sending them nasty grams.

they sent me an email telling me my refund was against their terms and conditions ... even though i can not install it and certainly have not registered it.. I mean that's as simple as my serial number validation being turned off... who are they kidding...

So.. I broke one cardinal rule that I have never done.

then I replied to their explanation of their "terms".. i ended my letter to them with "Two Words" that are totally unprofessional in my opinion..... but in this case.. i made an exception.. I'm not sure they understand what "that mean's" .. but it sure felt pretty good...

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pablo arias
Re: Burning software nero 9 disaster
on Feb 16, 2010 at 9:47:20 pm

Very good fans find nerooooooo good for all of you bring there is all the information

Schedule. Espero que les sirva. I use it quite often. Must accept that we do not know all Las nero functions, Because

Is only to record Progrma can also do other little things.
I hope you like it!

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Nikki Green
Re: NERO 9 burning software disaster
on May 10, 2011 at 5:02:58 am

DVD copies are extremely clear and they last a long time. Burning / Ripping software will allow you to get perfect quality backup copies of all your DVD movies. It will copy all the special features, menus, subtitles and languages. Your DVD clone will have perfect audio and video quality, just like the original. If you are looking for alternatives, you can find all these features in 1click burning software.

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