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flash frames in DVD made in DVDSP

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Dawn Rider
flash frames in DVD made in DVDSP
on Oct 21, 2008 at 9:27:10 pm

Here is a detailed summary of the issues:
I'm getting white flash frames in the DVD I'm trying to make. They occur sometimes but not always when the video cuts from black to picture without a fade, and sometimes but not always when the video on the DVDSP track moves from one clip to the next. I've built/formatted two separate DVDs so far, and the flash frames always occur in the same places. Sometimes a fade at the head of the clip that follows a black frame will help, but I can't fade into every single clip, you know?

I've had to output the film in sections rather than as a whole, and I've been outputting them either as animations, or quicktime conversion DV, or just regular quicktime movie depending on what kind of video is in the section (graphics or just INTV). I don't want to output all of it simply as a quicktime b/c the pictures and text will look chunky.

So then, I put all of those clips into compressor and use the DVD best quality: 90 minutes preset.

At this point, everything looks fine. The outputs from FCP look fine and the MPEGS from compressor look fine.

I set the preferences in DVDSP to Two-pass VBR, best motion estimation, and a high bit rate (6.0 - 7.0).

AT THIS POINT, I watch the newly burned DVD, and there are flash frames. But only on one of my DVD players. On another it looks fine, and on my laptop it looks fine. I do not have a client monitor.

I have no idea what's going wrong! I've never seen this before... A friend of mine suggested that it could be caused by gamma shifts in FCP, so I added a brightness/contrast filter (set to 0) to everything and rendered it out, but still no change. I also updated the firmware of my external Lacie D2 DVD burner.

One of the most frustrating parts is that I see no indication of anything being less than perfect until after I burn the DVD, and even then, I only see the problems in one player, so it's difficult to know what is to be expected on other people's players...

Anyway, could anyone give me their thoughts on this?

Equipment: MacBook with 2GHz Intel Core Duo Processor and 1 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM, Lacie D2 External DVD Burner

Software: FCP 6.0.4, Compressor 3.0.4, DVD Studio Pro 4.2.1

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Keith Troester
Re: flash frames in DVD made in DVDSP
on Oct 23, 2008 at 12:06:44 am

I guess I wonder a number of things:

- Are you going directly from FCP to Compressor?
- Is the footage progressive/interlaced?
- Are there any corresponding renders at any of the flash frames?
- Most importantly: what is the difference between the DVD player that works and the one that doesn't? Are they viewed on the same monitor?

Personally, I find the 90-min preset to be garbage, especially with interlace issues. I put all motion estimation, etc. on better, and bottom field first (for interlace, anyway). I edited it to my liking. With rapid cuts and motion (gfx, etc.), I've had better results with normal 2-pass VBR, with my total bit rate ceiling sitting at 10 (assuming compressed audio as well). It also depends on the TV. I've watched the same material on two TVs, and see more interlacing issues in one than the other, so I see where you're coming from.

Sometimes, if the bit rate is set too high, some set-top DVD players will lag, which might cause a flash frame, I'm thinking, but it doesn't sound like yours are too high--what's your average and maximum bit rate?


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