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scenarist 3.1 vs 3.2

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Pelle Ferner
scenarist 3.1 vs 3.2
on May 30, 2008 at 8:45:30 am

I have scenarist and running version 3.1.019
In a previous post I find out that there is a newer version 3.2 of scenarist. Is this true and in that case is there any new features or problems with this 3.2 versions?
Best Regards Pelle Ferner

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Lucas Fazzary
Re: scenarist 3.1 vs 3.2
on May 30, 2008 at 11:14:18 am

From the release notes. You do have to pay for the upgrade if you do not have the Sonic Support.

Scenarist SD 3.2 includes the following enhancements:
• The Activator Code dialog now shows the dongle serial number.
• SST Subtitle files can be dragged and dropped directly from Windows Explorer on to a track or on an empty
subpicture stream in Track Editor.
• Scenarist SD now supports importing chapter lists and Sonic StreamData™ files.

Resolved Issues
Resolved Issues in Scenarist 3.2.1

• The "Open" Button in the Project Manager is now available when a scenario file is selected after a fresh
• CSV files are now imported correctly for streams that do not start at timecode 00:00:00:00.
• Importing CSV files now assigns the correct name to the first chapter.
• The application no longer crashes when clicking "Next Subpicture" or "Next Audio" during simulation of a
Resolved Issues in Scenarist 3.2
• Scenarist Basic and Studio LE Editions now support creation of Dual Layer projects.
• Scenarist no longer silently exists when writing a disc image file larger than 4GB to a FAT32 formatted hard
• Writing to DLT now correctly sets the Master ID for the project.
• The simulation window now correctly displays source files with a width of 704 pixels.
• The command “Set Audio Stream and Link Tail PGC” will now simulate correctly in Hardware Simulation.
• When switching subtitles on or off during simulation, the value of SPRM 2 is now set correctly.
• When drawing a button marquee on a menu, the end coordinates are now correctly validated so that the
button is inside the video window.
• During simulation from the First Play PGC, the timecode counter is now updating correctly.
• If the connection between a video track and a slide show is set to “seamless,” the user is now prompted for
• The “Import Subtitle” dialog no longer shows in the task bar.
• If a Highlight section ends in the middle of a VOBU, the Highlight information is no longer discarded.
• It is no longer possible to add PAL tracks into a scenario that already contains NTSC assets. When adding the
first track to a scenario, the default resolution is adjusted accordingly.
• Scenarist SD no longer crashes on PCs with multiple cores or hyperthreading enabled.
• Scenarist SD no longer crashes on large projects that contain slideshows.
• The VTS_EA in the VTS_*_0.IFO files is now being calculated correctly. If an asset duration is longer than the
duration specified for placeholder, then the duration is now extended to span the full asset duration.
• If the UOP for NextPGSearch() is disabled, the Simulation Window no longer prevents skipping backwards.
• When an illegal asset is dragged from Windows Explorer directly into Scenario Editor, empty cells are no
longer created.
• Scenarist no longer silently exits if a template file has been marked read-only.
• Data, Track, and Scenario Element names may no longer contain slash or asterisk characters.
Scenarist 3.2.1 Release Notes – 2/5/08 10
• If the multiplexer detects an incorrect VOBU size, multiplexing will now cancel.
• Attempting to open a Scenario file which is set to read-only no longer causes the application to close.
• The radio buttons in the Application Preference dialog are now grouped correctly.
• The “Default Subtitle Duration” specified in the Default Settings dialog is now correctly used when creating
• DVD-R discs burned from Scenarist SD are now finalized.
• Parental Level 8 (unrated) is now supported.
• The “GoTo” command now supports command line 128 as valid destination.
• The application no longer crashes if “Save As...” is performed, and the checkbox for “Premastering” is
• MPEG Files encoded using “Field Mode” now show correct thumbnail images and appear correctly in the
Simulation Window.
• Keyboard shortcuts for “File > New” (CTRL+N) and “Import Project” (CTRL+I) are now also available in the
Project Manager.
• The “Import Subtitle” dialog no longer randomly jumps to the background.
• If the “Replace File Path” command fails, the correct error message is now being displayed.
• The Burn Speed display in Layout Editor no longer randomly refreshes.
• When burning a project set to Parallel Track Path to DVD-R9 or DVD+R9, you are now prompted to change to
Opposite Track Path.
• Scenarist now correctly recognizes and writes to DVD-R9 media.

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