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PC & Mac DVD Burn (less data?)

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Fermin Romero
PC & Mac DVD Burn (less data?)
on Apr 3, 2008 at 10:54:10 pm

I came across something interesting today and I am certain that it has been covered before but a quick search yielded no results.

My findings are as follows: DVD video burned on my mac seems to write "less" data to the disc when burned on my Mac then an identical disc copied on my PC. (see below for step by step)

1. I mastered a DVD using DVD Studio Pro on my Mac and burned a disc directly from the program.

2. I checked the disc quickly in our set top player to make sure it played. When I saw that it did indeed play I was ready to make some copies for the client.

3. I then jumped over to my PC (which has several DVD burners) so I could make a few quick duplicates using NERO.

4. I chose on-the-fly copying and placed my finished disc in the drive and a few blanks in the lower drives.

5. At the conclusion of the burn I found that the data impression ring on the disc burned on my Mac was smaller than that which had just come from my PC.


None of this would matter except for the following: The disc which came from my PC does NOT work on all my set top players, but the disc from my Mac works on both my set top players.


In my office I have two set-top players which serve as my reference players. For the most part if my burned discs play in these players then they play in most any player.

HOWEVER - For the first time in a long time I find myself searching for an answer to something I have actually never noticed before today.

If anyone knows of an article which might cover this "issue" I would really appreciate it.



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George Wing
Re: PC & Mac DVD Burn (less data?)
on Apr 4, 2008 at 3:24:35 am

What was the total amount of space burned on both discs? Select the VIDEO_TS folder, and check its properties.

Perhaps Nero burned up to 1gb if your original was less than 1gb?

When Nero does the copy process, do you drag anything into the Nero workspace, or do you just just tell Nero to make a copy? I'm wondering if Nero burned the new copies as "DATA DVD" instead of "DVD-VIDEO" (this might explain why the copies do not play in a dvd player).


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Fermin Romero
Re: PC & Mac DVD Burn (less data?)
on Apr 6, 2008 at 3:03:49 am

Nope -

I just went in and clicked on : DISC COPY

Then selected the source disc (via the drive letter)

Then selected the destination drive (via the drive letter)

There was no drag and drop processes.

I am actually quite baffled on this one. (have not found a solution anywhere)

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