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replicator suddenly wants video-dvd as masters instead ddp2.0 as agreed before

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replicator suddenly wants video-dvd as masters instead ddp2.0 as agreed before
on Dec 13, 2007 at 12:50:54 pm


this is a huge problem. The replicator (USA) just emailed and now suddenly needs to have Video-DVD as masters. (In my first email to them I made clear that replicating from video-dvd masters is not an option!) (pressing from video-dvd is just the worst way possible)

the replicators website has no specifications online. So i called them in advance to make sure they can handle DDP2.0

As i wished they also confirmed me that by email before i sent out the masters !

It's a DVD9 ddp2.0 built (layer0 and layer1) burned (UDF system) onto two Sony DVD-R (we also sent copies of the masters as well)

The masters were tested in advance by a professional with DVDafteredit mastering edition!!! The masters and the copies that we've sent out are absolutely 100% O.K.
We know a lot about DVD authoring and the masters are fine but they just can't handle ddp as promised. This is very unprofessional.

(moreover the other replicator in germany had no problems replicating from the same ddp2.0 masters !)

here is the original email they just have sent:
The stamper house said that the final master needs to be in TS VIDEO &
TS AUDIO. When I put the Final masters into a computer, the files that
should come up are the TS Video Files & TS Audio Files.

As it seams they don't even know that the ddp masters holds the original VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders within and how to extract them properly...
Burning ddp2.0 onto dvd-r is just the same format as exporting ddp2.0 to DLT tapes (which they also accepts how they claimed by email)

What do you think about the situation? We could actually sue them because we can't meet our official release date before xmas because of them.

Do I now have to tell them how to do their job or should we search for a new replicator (which could take some time that we don't actually have right now)

I will definitely not send them DVD-Video masters for replication! this is just stupid!

hope for your quick help what we should do now.
best regards,

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Max @ Area 4
Re: replicator suddenly wants video-dvd as masters instead ddp2.0 as agreed before
on Dec 13, 2007 at 2:06:06 pm


It could be that the stamper house is not set up to handle DDP off of DVD-R or your DDPs are not in the root directory of the discs you sent. Offer to resend the images on DLT tapes. They should accept them, and I'm sure your DVDAE facility will be able to run them off.

New York

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Re: replicator suddenly wants video-dvd as masters instead ddp2.0 as agreed before
on Dec 13, 2007 at 2:28:54 pm

Silvio, sorry to hear about your luck with the replication issue. They should be able to take the DDP on DVD/Harddrive/DLT. If they do not then you should definitely look for another replicator, or make sure you are not just dealing with a broker. Sometimes brokers don't know what DDP is and are worried that whatever replicator they are sending to won't accept it (believe me I've seen this before).

It is perfectly fine to send in a DVD-Video disc for replication. I do DVD authoring and Premastering at a replication facility and we are using the latest Eclipse software (Ver. 5.1). I spend a lot of time asking these questions to Eclipse support and they will agree as well. As a matter of fact 90% of our masters come in as DVD-Video. Even dual layer media (which IS now supported in Eclipse 5.X).
DDP or CMF are the formats need to make the stampers. You can actually take Eclipse and do an Image Verify between a DVD-Video (video_TS) disc and the DDP image and they will compare 100%. And I promise if Eclipse says its OK then it IS OK.

As for suing them that you cannot do (you can try but save your money to get your discs replicated somewhere else). Somewhere in their legal paperwork I'm sure there is some sort of fine print that covers there ass in this situation. Plus unless you guys have a contract that says they will have your discs to you in XX days then there is nothing you can do. Just the way it is.

Good luck and BTW as for getting your stuff by X-mas search around. Some replicators will put it in as a rush order for a few extra bucks.


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