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Viewing TV content and PC content on same DVD..?

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Viewing TV content and PC content on same DVD..?
on Nov 15, 2007 at 8:37:15 pm


I have a large collection of recipes that I'd like to give to several people via DVD. All but one of these people have a PC so I was wanting to find a way to have directories with the recipes in TEXT format for PC users to view/print and for the one person who only can use a DVDon a television I was hoping there was some way to display the recipes on the screen so they could be copied on paper. I can import text into powerpoint but it doesn't import correctly into the slides and I had to clean it up. It took a long time to do it manually. Then I used CamStudio shareware version to record the powerpoint 2003 slideshow as AVI. That is a lot of time and effort. Almost an hour for one recipe. I have over 100 recipes probably.

I have Easy Media Creator 8 with the Add on Content CD too. I tlked to a roxio rep via their live web support yesterday. I explained what I wanted to do and he said it can't be done even in version 9 or 10. He was just saing to make a slideshow. That migt be ok (still a lot of work since most are already text) except I don't know how someone watching the slideshow on a PC would print a recipe from a slideshow. Many recipes are far larger than one slide.

I really need a way for PC users to be able to view and print the recipes but if you want to see a slideshow (or other alternative???) on TV you can do that.

Any ideas?


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Max @ Area 4
Re: Viewing TV content and PC content on same DVD..?
on Nov 17, 2007 at 12:34:41 am

If there's only one person who doesn't have a PC, print out the recipes and mail it to them. I've authored a recipe disc once, and it's a TON of work. If you HAVE to do it, I'd hire a pro and budget at least 2 weeks. The reason is that you'll have to make menus from all your text with 6-8 lines of text per menu, program and QC all next/back/main buttons, which will easily be in the 100's, if not 1000's. Not to mention layout/design preferences and issues.

New York

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