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Editing 1080i60 to 24p DVD. Worth it?

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Eric Hansen
Editing 1080i60 to 24p DVD. Worth it?
on May 11, 2007 at 6:53:22 pm

hey DVD Authoring Cow

i did a quick search for the following topic but i couldnt find anything. sorry if this has been covered here before. i spend most of my time in the FCP and P2 forums.

my company is editing an action sports movie at 1080i60. most of our output is for TV, so this format has been the easiest to deal with. we are on Final Cut Pro 5.1.4. most of our source footage is 16mm film telecined to HDCAM at 1080i60 (not 24p). we also source P2 (both 720p and 1080i all converted to 1080i60 through Compressor) and HDV at 1080i60.

typically we send a HDCAM 1080i60 master out-of-house to be dubbed to MPEG-2 through Sonic's HD hardware encoder. this looks really good. but my question is, is there an advantage to doing a 24p output for SD DVD as opposed to what we are doing now? most of our stuff has the "film-look" since it was shot at 24fps and a pulldown was later added. is there an advantage to taking the extra step of mastering in 24p for the DVD, or is it pretty much a waste of time and money? we have little of either. btw, editing at 24p really isnt an option at this point because of the simo edits we do for TV and other deliveries of the same footage, at the same time as the movie.



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Re: Editing 1080i60 to 24p DVD. Worth it?
on May 11, 2007 at 9:14:26 pm

You bet there are advantages:

1. You save an extra step by not adding pulldown to your 24p source.

2. You save space because you will not need to encode those "extra" frames.

3. You allow the option of the user playing back 24 frames if their player will handle it.

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