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Canon C300 progressive panning

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Kristian Skogen
Canon C300 progressive panning
on Apr 30, 2014 at 2:37:34 pm


I just did some tests with the Canon C300 -
25fps, 1/50 shutter. Coming from the broadcast world working with interlaced material I would like my panning shots to be as smooth as possible..

When you look at the video - is there anything I could do before I hit record (or eventually in post) to make the pans even smoother?

Crossing my fingers that you will laugh of the question because theres a simple fix... :)

Thank you


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Todd Terry
Re: Canon C300 progressive panning
on Apr 30, 2014 at 2:52:24 pm
Last Edited By Todd Terry on Apr 30, 2014 at 2:54:53 pm

What you are seeing there is a pan with very "filmic" motion... pretty much exactly what a similar pan of that speed in a feature film would look like.

I think you summed it up exactly, "Coming from the broadcast world..."

You're probably used to seeing interlaced broadcast TV footage, where yes, a pan like that would look very smooth and fluid. But it also looks very live and "videoy" (not a real word, I know).

Usually when people complain about pans and tilts not looking smooth it is because they are panning or tilting too fast, and there are charts in the ASC manual that will give you "do not exceed" pan rates for particular frame rates, shutter speeds, and focal length combinations. However, your pan is pretty slow, you definitely aren't pushing the speed boundaries.

This is not what you want to hear, but that actually looks pretty good and would be considered a good looking "filmic" shot. If I were doing it with my C300, my optimal settings would be 24fps at 1/48th of a second which would give me the absolute best and smoothest motion. Based on your settings I bet you are coming from the PAL world, where your 25fps and 1/50th combo is the equivalent of that.

You might try shooting with a slightly slower shutter speed which would give you a tad more motion blur and might make things appear smoother (don't get too hopeful, though)... but the settings you are already using are the ones that would usually be considered optimal.

If you really want to make it look smoother than that, the only real solution is to shoot interlaced rather than progressive. You'll get the same smooth look that you were used to in the broadcast world. However it will definitely have that live "video look," and will not have the cinematic filmic look that you get from 24p or 25p.

If your project is for broadcast television, then shooting interlaced is fine (as long as you are ok with the "video look," which I personally hate). However if your project is destined for the web or any other computer-monitor viewing, then you wouldn't want to shoot interlaced, you'd want to stick with progressive.


Todd Terry
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Kristian Skogen
Re: Canon C300 progressive panning
on Apr 30, 2014 at 5:13:43 pm

Thanks for the help, I guess it's just that I'm so used to see interlaced pictures all the time. This is an online project so I think I just have to deal with it.

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