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Sub 10K Camera recommendations?

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Ben Muehleisen
Sub 10K Camera recommendations?
on May 10, 2013 at 6:46:44 pm

We need to update and upgrade from our fabulous workhorse Sony PMW-EX1s. We are looking to add 2 camera and would like to stay sub 10K for each camera. Our frontrunners are the EX3 or the NEX-FS700UK. Anyone have any experience with these cameras? Do you have another camera you love?

We would love interchangeable lenses. We are also adding a high quality 4K camera (Red Epic or ARRI Alexa) so 4K is not a decided selling point, but obviously doesn't hurt. We'd love to get 4-7 years out of these.

Thanks in advance!

Sony EX-1
Canon 5d MKII


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David Turner
Re: Sub 10K Camera recommendations?
on May 10, 2013 at 11:05:55 pm

I'd be interested in hearing what people have as suggestions for this as well. I work freelance, but will be advising a documentary company I do a lot of work with on what cameras to upgrade to shortly. They are still shooting on Panasonic HVX's if you can believe it.

Ease of use in doc situations is a definite consideration for what I'm looking for. I was thinking of recommending getting a couple Canon C100's (but I'll admit this is in part because I own a 5D markiii and Canon glass that would be compatible for 3 camera shoots). I'd love to hear what other's think.

[Ben Muehleisen] "We are also adding a high quality 4K camera (Red Epic or ARRI Alexa) "

Just my 2 cents between those two cameras is go with the Alexa if you can afford it. I have always liked the image better and a DP I work with just ran a comparison test this week and his feelings were that for anything other than situations where you are marrying the footage with a bunch of special effects, the Alexa came up with a better image hands down.

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Guy McLoughlin
Re: Sub 10K Camera recommendations?
on May 11, 2013 at 3:50:32 pm

I think it's unrealistic to expect to get more than 4 years out of any 4K camera you buy today. Just look at how much things have changed over the past 4 years. So sinking $50K-$80K into a 4K camera kit may not be a great long term investment, unless you can keep the camera busy all the time. ( i.e. your own shoots + camera rentals )

...As for the under $10K market, you might also consider the Sony F3 camera, which can be bought used for as little as $7K. ( lots of people upgrading to the Sony F5 and dumping their F3s to help finance the move )

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Bill Bruner
Re: Sub 10K Camera recommendations?
on May 12, 2013 at 1:28:38 pm

This is a great suggestion, there are half a dozen "Buy it Now" or "Best Offer" F3's on eBay for less than $10,000 right now.

Of course, that doesn't leave a lot of headroom for lenses.

Another option is the 8 bit Canon C100, which is on sale for $5500 right now. Since you already have a Canon 5D Mark II, lenses are less of a problem.

Good luck with your decision!

Hybrid Camera Revolution

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luigi valtulini
Re: Sub 10K Camera recommendations?
on Jun 5, 2013 at 7:34:13 pm

n recent months I have tried a Epic and Alexa, I must say that I have always been in favor of Arri but I must admit that the Epic is just gorgeous.
I was very bad as the rest of the people on the RED EPIC, the thought was bad, but when I did the course on this camera, I realized that I did not know his potential. If you want a fast process used Alexa for the rest I recommend the Epic. When you begin to know the flow of RAW RED will not come back ever again on ProRes. Regarding the colors Alexa out of the box be better, but if you pass by Davinci Red gives you more margin being Raw correction can correct the ISO, the balance color etc etc ... you just have to know how and what to do.
If you work individually and 'much better, very light, up to 400fps slow motion, timelaps built with menus, support for canon nikon leica pl any kind of lens fantastic ... shoots up to 5k so you can crop or do zom in post if you end in 1080 ..
use the light version and fly with less than 10kg, hand luggage and spend a little;).
Alexa to be a nice camera but the batteries do not last long heavy costs almost 2 vo 3 times more, it always takes 2 to use it, during my tests I can only say that having 1.5 latidune stop in the most epic in the highlights. But in everyday life to be almost impossible to see the difference if you have a good DP.
But then again if you have...
Take a look here ;)

Good luck.

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