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using laptop as monitor with hd camera while shooting

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margarita kouvatsou
using laptop as monitor with hd camera while shooting
on Apr 29, 2009 at 10:04:08 pm

dear all
let me start by saying that i am not sure if i am posting under the right category...but this seemed the most appropriate till now...
a simple question, we are shooting some hd video soon and we'd like to use r laptop during the shoot as a monitor...
is that possible? and how? fullscreen also?
many many thnxs in advance!

thanxs is advance!

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Matthew Romanis
Re: using laptop as monitor with hd camera while shooting
on Apr 30, 2009 at 10:51:10 pm

Firstly, using a laptop screen for monitoring is not a good idea. Colours and Gamma are represented incorrectly, what you think is a light orange colour can turn out to be dark red, as an example.
You will first have to spend some time calibrating the screen to represent HD TV colour space, tonal quality, and base black levels. This will take time, and preferably someone who knows what they are doing.

Now for the help.
Does the camera have a firewire output on it?(You may need to set some menu options in the camera to enable the firewire port to activate whilst in camera mode.)

If so, then there are several solutions.
If you have Final Cut Pro then you can connect the camera to the laptop via a firewire cable and use the log and capture window to view (having set the capture settings to firewire). Initially the window will be small, but if you scale the canvas window to full screen size then turn on "log and capture" the viewing window will be larger, not full screen though.
Another option is if you have Adobe CS4, it has a program called "On Location". Connect the camera via firewire and use this program for monitoring.
And lastly, there are some on line programs such as "Monitor Magic" and "Scope Box" that provide the same service, but you will have to pay to get them.

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Dale Paquette
Re: using laptop as monitor with hd camera while shooting
on Jun 10, 2009 at 10:10:48 am

I have never used a PC to monitor, but I have used a personal portable DVD player. I'm certain the technical aspects of the imagery are not accurate as stated in the previous response. However, the DVD player does capture the "framing" of the shot which is what I am after. I shoot with a Canon HV30 which is a great little cam but is to be sure a consumer cam. When action is involved and rapid pans and tilts are required, the stationary DVD player monitor allows me to handle the cam (on a tripod) without having to move my body. If I try to track motion by physically moving to maintain the subject in the view finder I invariably shake the cam way too much. I note that the DVD player is very difficult to see in bright sun light and requires some kind of light shield to be effective. Dale

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