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Filming in HDR using AE + PS

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Filming in HDR using AE + PS
on Sep 20, 2007 at 10:28:11 am

Hi peeps

I was wondering if you could help me what a problem/Idea that I have been thinking of and how plausible you think it might be.
Of late i have been obsessing over HDR photography and been amazed of the results. I thought to my self, is there a way i can reproduce this kind of imagery with my video camera?
I put my thinking brain cells to the task of this solution and I think i have come up with a way of filming HDR with a DV camera.
Firstly let me explain why i want to do this 1) to see if it can be done 2) with all that extra colour information would be useful, some of the HDR pictures have some nice affects when you compress them down to 16bits per channel and that would give a nice film effect style to your piece.

Ok so here goes:
Firstly you need 3 DV cameras and you need to mount them on a piece of wood or something were they can be held still in relation to one another. You need to set them up all the same but change the Sutter speed rate between all three cameras. I still not sure how i might mount them. Whether you would mount them in parallel with each other or the two outside cameras pointing in and undistorted the picture later to flatten it.
Ok so you shoot what you need with this strange camera set up.
I would then capture the footage and sync them up with each other and export the frottage and stills with the same number for each frame corresponding to all three cameras in to folders say cam 1, 2, and 3 I would then do a photo shop batch file to align all the images and import them as HDR pictures; at this point you could also play around with that film look I was telling you about. I would then export the resulting HDR still in to the HDR folder. I could then import that in to AE as frottage and wa-la HDR frottage to play with in AE you could then output the video using settings where it would keep the colour information.

Any how i wanted to pass it on to you to see if you think Im barking up the wrong tree before i go rent me some cameras and have a go.


Tom Mitchell

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Leo Ticheli
Re: Filming in HDR using AE + PS
on Sep 20, 2007 at 2:08:11 pm

Table Top shooters have been doing this for years; shooting the same static scene at different exposures and then using the appropriate parts combined in Telecine.

I have serious doubts that you could solve the parallax problems with a three camera setup unless you make some sort of optical splitter so all cameras record through the same lens.

Furthermore, and most importantly, starting with DV is pretty much the bottom of the barrel in dynamic range to begin with; seems the RED camera, which records Raw files would be ideal as you can really reach into the blacks. You could expose for the highlights so you don't clip, and then make additional passes to pull up the shadow areas.

With this technique, you could film moving scenes unlike the double takes of the old method.

Just thoughts, I won't have my RED camera until late December, but it is interesting to speculate.

Good shooting and best regards,


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