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jib / Cranes - ProAm jib - Anyone know of them - or recommend another ?

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jib / Cranes - ProAm jib - Anyone know of them - or recommend another ?
on Feb 17, 2006 at 1:30:55 am

I'm posting here cause I haven't seen a better forum (I tried EventVideography too) to post this question to. If another forum jumps out at you - please let me know.

I am looking at doing an "exercise" training video. I have watched many and it seems that the "slow swoop down and around '5 seconds or so' clips" are a very "nice" feature to include if properly mixes in with other cuts.

I noticed in Serious Magic's Making of a Wedding Surprise - that Mark Randell was using a EZFX jib.

I also found an 8' jib at that seems to have several similiar features - but is a bit less pricey ($500 or more less). The one I am looking at is the ProAm Multimedia DVC200 - an 8' crane.

I am wondering if anyone has experience with either the EZ FX or ProAm - and particuarly if anyone has used the ProAm and can comment on it - or if anyone has another recommendation. Particularly I would like to know postive or negative on the ProAm.


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Frank Otto
Re: jib / Cranes - ProAm jib - Anyone know of them - or recommend another ?
on Feb 17, 2006 at 4:49:44 pm

The Pro Am is highly limiting. One of the factors is that you're limited to a ten pound payload. If you upgrade the camera, add an obie light or find you'll want to use a remote head in the future the ProAm will limit you drastically.

Other things to consider - the arm mounts on a pan-tilt head, not directly on the sticks so you'll have issues with potential tilting of the head due to weight and movement plus it uses the pan action of the head so you'll have to consider the extra weight, torque and stress on the pan-head.

The tilt mechanism on the arm is a cheezy way of using the pantograph-parallelling mechanism to acomplish a you reach the end of your tilt limits (up or down) you'll need to add more effort to control it as the panto action of the arm will be fighting you.

For the price the EZ-FX arm is a very good buy. It uses your regular camera pan-tilt head to pan and tilt the camera by operating the rig from the front rather than the rear with a simple extention to the pan handle. The EZ also has a higher weight capacity - I've used it with larger broadcast cameras, a camera with a prompter attached and a 1k soft light mounted to it with no sag or give - max of about 45 lbs. THe EZ also has a platfrom and attachment for a monitor. Should you want to upgrade the EZ will accept a remote head with no difficulty.

Con for the EZ are the nylon bushings rather than steel bearings and the set up is a bit longer that the ProAm - but not by much.

Do a search and look at the EZ's specs and the video to get an idea of how it works. I use the EZ on a regular basis for commercial work, including restarants, nite clubs, product shots and general scenic work - it's not a Porta-Jib or a Vinten, then again, it's a third of the price and works very well.


Frank Otto

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Re: jib / Cranes - ProAm jib - Anyone know of them - or recommend another ?
on Apr 7, 2006 at 4:38:01 pm

I like the ProAm DVC200.
For my GL2 is this enough? It is only 1.5kg with wide lens.
Where can i see some sample footage?


Relaxing videos, 3D-photos:

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