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Mobile Lighting Kit for under £2000/$3000 (go LED or not?)

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Dave O'Donnell
Mobile Lighting Kit for under £2000/$3000 (go LED or not?)
on Feb 19, 2015 at 6:43:54 pm

Our company has decided to invest in a lighting kit and I've been given the task of purchasing.

It will mainly be to light interviews for DSLR/Sony a7s in a badly lit basement space, but also at times it will be needed out and about. For example, next week we'll be shooting 6 interviews in 2 locations, over 1 day.

Additionally, we'll use these lights for filming small acoustic performances, of 2-3 people max, again in the dimly lit basement studio space.


I have some experience using Tungstun fresnel lighting, but am interested in the LED kits and the advantages they have regarding heat. However, I've heard lower end LEDs have issues of their own.

I'm hoping our budget is enough to get a kit of decent quality?

I'm looking at the Litepanel kits, either their 1x1 or Sola kits.

OR! If LED aint worth it, I could do the following:

I have to make the decision tomorrow, so any wisdom would be much appreicated!

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Craig Seeman
Re: Mobile Lighting Kit for under £2000/$3000 (go LED or not?)
on Feb 22, 2015 at 7:57:04 pm

Both Litepanels kits are good but I think it's best to mix and match to have more aesthetic control.
The Sola ENG for fresnel like controls. Great for hair light, back light, kicker. Although can certainly be key or fill ins some circumstances. Also has the ability to use with a cookie.
Panels are good for fill, key, possibly with added softbox with egg crate. Otherwise consider means to controlling spill when needed.

In short,I don't think it's an either/or but whatever can cover the widest variety of circumstances with the ability to control.

There's a score of other considerations such as will you be fighting mix color temperatures in locations where you can't turn off lights? Will there be windows? Are you trying to light the entire space rather than just the interviewees/performers? Do you want to have control over practicals?

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Dave O'Donnell
Re: Mobile Lighting Kit for under £2000/$3000 (go LED or not?)
on Feb 26, 2015 at 4:35:39 pm

You're asking useful questions.

So it might be better to buy the lights individually if we're to get the versatility within budget.

Lights - on the whole we'll have control of whether they are on or off.

Our basement does have windows. What implications does that have? I'm guessing that having some control over colour would be beneficial in this situation?

In terms of lighting the individual or the space, we're flexible. I'm guessing the panels light the space, and fresnels more localised?

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John Fishback
Re: Mobile Lighting Kit for under £2000/$3000 (go LED or not?)
on Mar 7, 2015 at 5:41:01 pm

If the windows aren't in the shot you can easily black them out.


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