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Lowell lighting kit options

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John Hopkins
Lowell lighting kit options
on Oct 28, 2010 at 1:12:44 am

Hi All,

I am buying a small lighting kit. And saw this one:

It contains:

2 DP Lights
1 Tota-light
1 Rifa eX 88

I was going to buy 2 extra 500w bulbs, as you can swap them out for the stock 1k's. My think was that the 500k's would be good for interviews and less heat on the subjects, whereas the 1k's would give me more power to light a room or store in a wider shot if I needed that. I was also going to get a 250w Pro-light for accent/rim or backlight light to round this kit option off.

Whereas all the other Lowell kits offer 500k lights which would limit your options. Or is the Super Ambi kit with two 750w Totas a better option: for versatile lighting, including larger spaces (using two Totas spread out for raising the ambient levels).

Seems to me the DP Super Remote makes the most sense of the two. If I needed to travel light I thought I could take the Rifa, and a smaller pro-light/Tota (lights for talking head interviews) in a smaller case.

I know the DP lights and the 1k Rifa are likely going to need three different circuits, as you could not plug two of these together into the same circuit for long without blowing a breaker or fuse. I'd need to find three separate circuits and carry lots of extra extension chords. So that is a minus for the Remote DO kit.

However the Rifa Ex can use up Florescent accessories packs such as these:
That would cut the power consumption and allow two lights in a wall from the DP Remote kit, if I gelled the other lights for Daylight balance, or shot next to a window source. Alternatively, with the FLO-X5 80w (400w)adapter in the Rifa, I could add tungsten correction to the florescent Rifa, for Tungsten set-ups. Of course, I can't light that large of a space with this, without going to HMI's which I will rent if required. I just want a little kit of my own to access when I need without renting for smaller shoots. Mixing (daylight corrected) Tungsten with Daylight Florescent - is that something people would shy away from because the light quality would be too different between these sources?

Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks,


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Mark Suszko
Re: Lowell lighting kit options
on Oct 28, 2010 at 1:53:48 pm

The DP Super Remote kit is I think an excellent choice for you. I prefer using omnis versus totas these days; they are just more flexible. I like the Rifa to be as big as you can afford.

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