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Relink files that were imported on another system

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Ryan Dundas
Relink files that were imported on another system
on Jan 10, 2018 at 8:41:26 pm

I am an AE for a production company that has editors who work from home using drives that I prepare for them. These drives contain a copy of the Avid project and mxf files from our server. The editor emails us the .avb bin files that contains his sequences which I have to relink on our server for another editor to take over where he left off. I am able to add these bins to the project on our server and all the footage relinks automatically.

The issue I am having is when the editor imports stuff on his end. He records temporary voice overs, downloads music and some stock footage from an online library and imports that into his project. I have him send over the mxf files for the media he imports and I add it to our server and that also relinks automatically.

The issue I am having is with our graphics package. One of our in office editors dropboxed the remote editor our graphics package, but sent the .mov Pro Res 444 files that were exported out of After Effects, instead of having me import those into our Avid then sending the mxf files. So the editor imported those on his end, and I later imported them on our server. I figured I could relink the graphics in his sequence to the ones I imported on my end.

This seems to work but there is a strange glitch happening. The graphics don't relink automatically and they are shown as red and offline in the sequence, but when I match frame on the "offline" clip, they come up online in the source monitor and I can view them.
With his sequence in a bin, if I select show reference clips and locate the graphics, I am able to play the master clips from the bin and the drive column shows that they are located on my server. But they are still somehow offline in the sequence.

The solution I have found is to go through the sequence and match frame into each graphic that appears offline, then overwrite them back into the sequence and then they appear online and can be played in the sequence. How is the master clip online but it is still offline in the sequence?

Is this some type of glitch or is there something I need to do differently? I have done this same method of relinking with music and photos without any issues. I am only getting this issue with my graphics for some reason.

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Glenn Sakatch
Re: Relink files that were imported on another system
on Jan 11, 2018 at 2:59:19 am

I wonder if these are keyable graphics?
Perhaps his setttings for the key channel are different from yours?

Try deleting the media you have created, then,
If you get the bin that he imported the graphics into, and open it on your end, you should be able to do a batch re-import, and the point the box to your version of the prores original. I would think this would allow Avid to mimic the media on both boxes.


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Brent Marginet
Re: Relink files that were imported on another system
on Jan 11, 2018 at 4:13:15 am

Are you doing just straight Imports or Batch Re-Imports.

Get the bins from the person who imported them, select all these clips and do a Batch Re-Import. They should all come back online in the sequence if you do it this way.

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