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Media Creation setup and General temp setting

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Kenneth Maultsby
Media Creation setup and General temp setting
on Jul 15, 2017 at 5:26:14 pm

Just install 8.8.5 today and would like some suggestions on setting up my hard drives and SDD's for the best performance in Media Creation settings. This is my setup.

C:\ 500 Mb SSD for programs and OS

D:\ Optical drive

E:\ 1TB hard drive 7200 RPM which I name Export drive

F:\ 1TB Document drive for downloads, documents etc.

G:\ Drobo 5D 4TB connect USB 3 This is I store my video files and photos (Used for storage and backup only)

M:\ 500 MB SSD which I name media

S:\ 120 MB SSD which I name Scratch disk. ( As you can tell I have been playing with Premiere) ☺

Note: Have no issue if I to install a larger SSD in future or adding a raid 0 external drive. Planning on editing 4K in the future also.
My computer setup is a home build PC AMD Ryzen X1700 MB Asus Crosshair 6 Hero Asus GTX1070 8MB Memory 32GB Avid Media Composer 8.8.5 Symphony option.

Also under the project settings under General, it has C;\user\myname\appdata\local\temp\. Can this be moved off my C: drive? If so what drive should I place it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Glenn Sakatch
Re: Media Creation setup and General temp setting
on Jul 16, 2017 at 3:35:18 pm

Assuming you mean 500 gigs and 120 gigs for those last 2 ssds.

On paper this looks fine, but in a realistic workflow I think you might find it gets a bit tiresome always having to check and double check where your footage is going, renders are going, titles are going etc. Yes you can set up base locations in media creation window, but as soon as those drives start filling up, Avid will start suggesting other locations based on space. Maybe its just me, but I much prefer a simpler setup.

Yes, OS etc is always segregated from the rest of your media.
I have a drive dedicated to "user projects". This has folders for each projects misc. items. Audio in, audio out, graphics, lists, movies in, and movies out. (Now in recent years movies in has become more of an intermediate movies area. This was originally designed and used when everything came off tape. So you might only import 1 or 2 "movies" during a project. Now it is more for odds and ends that come in, but are not part of the shoot) Nothing gets imported into the project unless it is first placed into this structure.
This gets archived with the project so in 2 years everything can be rebuilt, and Avid knows exactly where to look, and so do I.

After that, I have my media drive. This has a footage in folder, with subfolders for each project. Camera originals go here. This is a 24tb raid 5 drive. This drive also has my Avid MediaFiles structure on it.

When I'm working, I don't want to think too much about where everything is going to render to. Put it on the main drive and move on. I keep my Avid Media extremely organized, so again, easy to archive at the end of the project.
I have enough projects right now where they shot a 5 or 10 min short that would fill your SSD without blinking.

As I said, your setup is fine, but I bet before long, your ssds are full and you are putting stuff all over the place anyway.
Invest in a larger raided storage device.


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