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batch re-import doesn't see import file location

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Maurik de Ridder
batch re-import doesn't see import file location
on Apr 21, 2017 at 4:58:22 pm

Hi folks....

I have 2 issues, that might be related.

Issue 1.

When I import music or video with "link to" and then consolidate the clips, I get new master clips.
When I delete the media of those new master clips and want to batch re-import, it can't because AVID doesn't see the import file location ( I get a question mark). I have to manually relink each clip to the exact clip where it's located on finder level.

Why can't AVID find the file locations, since the clips haven't moved to another folder / place on my harddrive.
It was my understanding that when clips we're transcoded after importing through AMA, you could batch re-import and AVID would automatically link to the clips imported via AMA.

Issue 2.

I just purchased Songster. This is an app that makes an ALE of music clips imported into Songster. This ALE you can then import into a bin, and then you get offline clips with all the metadata (artist / album / etc). But according to Songster's manual, you can now batch re-import all the clips. But again when I do this, it can't because AVID doesn't see the import file location. I get a question mark followed by the exact file path of the mp3's in parenthesis.

Is this normal behaviour, or is there something I can do, that MC does see the link to original media.

Any suggestions are more than welcome!

Greet Maurik

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Glenn Sakatch
Re: batch re-import doesn't see import file location
on Apr 23, 2017 at 3:24:02 pm

Linking and transcoding, vs importing are different workflows, who ever told you you could link, then transcode, then delete, then batch import was wrong.

If you want to link and transcode, i always suggest you keep a copy of the original links on hand for the uprez portion of the project, that way you don't have to go through the step of relinking the original clips.

In the end you would probably find transcoding (or retranscoding if you deleted the media) to be faster than a batch import any) You can even do the transcoding in the background while you work on other things.

Either way you need to have access to the original files to get the media back online, so does it really matter that you had to transcode rather than batch import?

As for Songster, as it is a third party app, you may be asking in the wrong forum. Have you tried pointing the re-import tool to the proper location? With Avid Batch import, its a pretty simple process to select everything and point it to the location of one of the files. I'm pretty sure Avid will usually find all the files in that location.


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