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Tape names affecting relink?

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tony king
Tape names affecting relink?
on Oct 15, 2016 at 5:20:32 am

Hi guys.
Running Avid MC8.6.1 on a Mac.

Just helping out as an Avid Assist on a project, usually a promo producer so not as tech savvy as you clever people on here!

I've come across a problem.
I originally transcoded (via AMA to DNxHD36) all our shoot rushes and now the cut is finished i am looking to relink to a higher resolution for the online.

When I relinked only about 10% of the cut relinked and looking and what did and didn't relink it seems all the footage that connected DIDN'T have a tape name whereas all the footage that won't relink DOES have a tape name.

I spoke to the editor and she said she pretty much gave all the footage tape names of the days the rushes were shot so she could keep on top of what was shot when. She did this via clip modify (for example tape names are 130816, 140816 etc).

So the only thing I can work out is that the tape names she gave the footage is affecting the relink process. Would that be correct? And if so is there a way I can delete the tape names or a work around I can do so the tape names don't come into it?
Or is it something else completely and i'm off my head!

Thanks for your help,

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Pat Horridge
Re: Tape names affecting relink?
on Oct 15, 2016 at 8:02:49 am

Thats correct. Avid rightly expects clips with tape names to he tapes so will expect them to be batch captured.
The correct workflow is to use Tape id or just use the source file path and source file name which are there anyway.
The mistake here was using a workflow that hadn't been tested.
Never never use a post workflow that isn't agreed and tested by all involved.

Pat Horridge
Broadcast & Post Consultant, Trainer, Avid Certified Instructor
Free online Tutorials at VET digital media academy online

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Michael Phillips
Re: Tape names affecting relink?
on Oct 15, 2016 at 1:27:24 pm

I never recommend users entering a TAPE name when using AMA as the information is in the SOURCE FILE and that is used the same way TAPE is used for baseband captured workflows. Basically, a clip should not have both TAPE and SOURCE FILE values. There are exceptions like with WAV files that have a Tape name declared in the bEXT or iXML, Media Composer will have both.

The other exception for file based workflows is when clips are transcoded in a third party application like Resolve, the REEL becomes TAPE. But same rule applies, it is either TAPE or SOURCE FILE, but both is not a good idea.

What you can do is use Labroll or Camroll (or custom column) and duplicate the common metadata into via duplicate column, ALE merge, etc. Then when relinking, use "relink to selected" and choose Labroll or whatever column you used for the common reel/source.


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