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Failed to relink sound (AMA) after transferring from FCP7

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Serj Kasparoff
Failed to relink sound (AMA) after transferring from FCP7
on Oct 9, 2016 at 10:34:55 pm

Hello, Avid community!
In short: i'm getting trouble with relinking sound in a feature film after transferring sequences from FCP7.
And i'll be happy as previously (before this project come to my life) if only you could help me in my investigation, please (+sorry for my english).

In details:

The studio works in FCP7 and the director works in MC, and i'm the One : ) a matchmaker for them : ) but i'm definitely not! I told them it would be the way of struggles, pain and suffering, but they don't want to do their work another way. So i need to bring arranged sequences from FCP to Avid and after directors cut bring it back again.

Previously my successful test in Avid was:
1. import AAF (straight from FCP7 by Automatic Duck or transferring XML-AAF in Resolve) and get offline sequence;
2. load AMA-media in another Bin;
3. choose the offline sequence and "relink to selected items in all open bins"

But relinking was only possible in two phase:
I - select all Video clips in the Bin and relink by Format;
II - than select all Audio clips in the Bin and relink by Audio SR.

Any other "relink by" options in the right column did't work at all (message: "No clips were relinked")

And i was happy to see online sequence!
Than i edited some clips, export AAF and import to FCP7 (by Automatic Duck again and by Resolve for testing).
I repeated it several times and it was always smoothly.

But it was yesterday.

Now i get the whole project and was thinking that no problem will see anymore...
I just did the same with all other sequences... and as previously i get relink Video, but can't relink Audio anymore...
"No clips were relinked" said me the unworthy message.

I came back to my testing project - it's online and healthy.
And i started new bin, imported the same testing sequence from FCP with the same media on the same disk - and i can't relink it!

Help, please, someone)

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Serj Kasparoff
Re: Failed to relink sound (AMA) after transferring from FCP7
on Oct 9, 2016 at 10:57:49 pm

There is one more thing..
I'm not so experienced in media logging. And i don't sure is it important info for understanding why relinks fails…
But in initial FCP project Video & Audio clips (from different sources) are merged into synchronized masterclips. They links to and to wav. So in the FCP sequence all the Audio tracks named by merged clips:

(Note the A1 & A2 in FCP are empty tracks. Just because they are)

The offline sequence in Avid looks the same. But after relinking my test sequence merged clips names in both Video and Audio has changed to the Video file names and Audio clip names (and i'm absolutely ok with that, because Resolve see only file names too).

Also the empty track A1 in some clips has replaced with the sound from the lower tracks.
This is funny, but i'm ok with that too, because we don't need A1 & A2 and will delete it anyway.

But if i understand it right it shows that there is a metadata problem with merged clips, isn't it?

And only now i've noticed in my testing project that the "Tracks" column in the Bin window with AMA files shows A1,3-4 for Audio (that's why it rewrites A1 empty track?), but in the new Bins for the same AMA media the "Tracks" column shows only A1.

I did't care about clip names in the timeline because i've successfully tested in bringing sequence back to FCP7 and it has relinked smoothly (though merged clips names in FCP timeline never shows again, but i no need in them).

So, it looks like something wrong with metadata?
Or is it me loading media in a wrong way?

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