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How to relink consolidated media (.new.02) back to original Avid MXF media / Why does it crash?

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Jimmy See
How to relink consolidated media (.new.02) back to original Avid MXF media / Why does it crash?
on Nov 16, 2015 at 2:48:54 am

I have a timeline from another editor and large chunks of it are offline. This shouldn't be happening because all the editors are supposed to have all the same media on all our various drives and that had been the case for most of the project.

However problems happened where the project was understaffed for a while and I was not around and since coming back a lot of things like offline media are becoming commonplace.

In this instance, when looking at the timeline's reference clips, it's clear that the media in question definitely is on my drive despite it showing up offline. A clue for why this would be seems to be in the clips names. They're called '.new.02' the media was brought in by myself some time ago by means of ama volume linking to the virtual cards and consolidating the media in, it was then distributed to all editors' drives at the finder level without need for Avid to get involved at all. However I can only assume not all editors were aware of this and assumed they'd need to consolidate media from place to place and thus consolidated the contents of their timeline thus creating what is technically different media with different files on disk, but which is just a duplicate of my existing media. I don't know if that analysis sounds correct or not but the upshot is, I know where the media is and Avid does not and it's infuriating.

I attempted to relink with various combinations of settings in the relink window, but unfortunately, it simply causes Avid to crash after loading the databases (which are fine and not showing any signs of corruption). On a tangential note, what's the deal with Avid's relink functionality and crashing? I won't say I've never been able to relink, but I new before I clicked the relink button that I was most likely about to witness a crash because of a large amount of bitter experiences built up before where Avid does this. Why is the process of relinking such a fragile affair and the cause of such instability? Failing to find media is one thing, crashing in the process is another altogether.

Anyway, since I know exactly where this media is, would it be possible at all to get Avid to relink back to the original media in the MXF directory as consolidated off the virtual card? I don't really have time to reimport it all, plus it's a waste of space, and since I have it all already I don't have much guarantee it won't just fail to link to it anyway. The batch import functionality would probably do it, but then this media was consolidated in to begin with, not imported and I don't want to transcode unless absolutely necessary.

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