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Is it possible to specify the order in which background transcode/consolidating occurs?

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Jimmy See
Is it possible to specify the order in which background transcode/consolidating occurs?
on Aug 27, 2015 at 5:39:30 am

I have a theory which I think based on memory of previous experience, is correct, which is that background consolidating and I think transcoding too, is not sequential, but simultaneous.

I think I remember seeing this in action with some card based media I set consolidating from a copy made on a hard drive. I seem to recall that the queue indicated the processing was being done in a manner somewhere between sequential and simultaneously in so far as it seemed to focus its efforts on one file at a time such that the file would likely be done significantly sooner than others in a queue, but that it would also do bits and pieces of other files in that same job batch at the same time, and once one file was done completely, the processing would then be mostly focused on another file in that queue, but again some processing on other files would occur now and then too.

If that's correct, which I think it is, it explains the trouble I'm experiencing now when attempting to background consolidate media from an XDCAM disc in an XDCAM deck. For some reason this process was way slower than traditional import, (even though when I tested consolidating via AMA NOT in background mode it was faster during AMA), and worse yet, the deck made much more noise. I recognised the noise immediately, it had happened to me before when I attempted to both backup a disc from the deck to a hard drive using windows explorer and also to import in Avid simultaneously. It is the sound of the deck constantly seeking and though I expected the process to be slower this way because of splitting the bandwidth of the USB interface for the deck, it was way slower than one would expect and I think that's because of this seeking behaviour which makes sense as I guess it's related to the physical properties of how this type of media operates in the deck.

I think what's happening then is that when background consolidating, Avid is asking the deck to copy data from multiple different files stored on different portions of the deck, simultaneously, thus causing it seek for each bit of data for each different clip, each and every time Avid processes some of one clip in addition to another. I think it's seeking back and forth for the next bit of data for the file it was already reading to begin and other clips too and repeating this process over and over again. It is intolerably slow and sounds like it could be damaging the deck too. If however this process could be explicitly told to operate sequentially file after file, I could still background the process and continue working. This especially is what I wanted to do because I have two decks and wanted to use traditional import for one, and consolidate for the other thus forcing simultaneous reading from both decks and greatly speeding up the ingest. It even worked for the fist disc I tried this with because it had only one clip on it.

Can I somehow control or specify the order in which background processing is performed and make it sequential?

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