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Avid Multigroup - Matchframe Problem

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Sean Connolly
Avid Multigroup - Matchframe Problem
on Jun 26, 2015 at 6:02:42 pm

I am having a matchframing issue on the job I am working on. The matchframe function matches back to a group clip but not the multigroup.

I am working on a reality show with multiple cameras and external audio source. We use the standard multigroup workflow. I create a sync map, add edits where a new camera clip is added, create subclips of each section. Then select all the sub clips and choose Bin>Mulltigroup. This all works fine. I get a Multigroup and many group clips that make up the multigroup. This multigroup has a dot to the left of the multigroup icon in the bin. All good so far.

This Multigroup represents our entire shoot day. We then create sub-multigroups of this shoot day, isolating the different scenes that were shot suring the shoot day. These scenes are handed over to the editors. One thing to note here, The multigroup has a dot to the left of the nultigroup icon in the bin, but the sub-multigroups do not.

The editors cut from these sub-multigroup scenes into there timelines. Here is the problem. When they matchframe from these shots that came from the sub-multigroups, Avid does not match back to the original multigroup, instead it matches back to one of the individual groupclips that made up the multigroup. This is problematic as this group clip is but a small section of the whole multigroup.

Incidentally this problem does not happen when cutting from the original multigroup (with the dot, not a sub multi-group). When I cut from the original multigroup and matchframe, it works as expected and matches back to the multigroup.

Is there any way to get a sub-multigroup to matchframe back to the primary multigroup that it came from? Is there a work around?

I will note also that recreating the multigroups is not an option at this point.

I am working in Avid 8.2.2

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Andrew Flynn
Re: Avid Multigroup - Matchframe Problem
on Aug 9, 2015 at 7:31:55 pm

Hey Sean,

I think I have a solution to your problem. The AE's may not like it. Recently dealt with it on one of my shows.

Basically your problem lies in the sub-clipping of the multigroup. Once you subclip out from the multi, the resulting subclip loses all connection with the multigroup. It's only source reference is it's original group.

The solution is not to subclip but to actually CUT the portions of the multigroup you need to separate into a SEQUENCE. If you do this and use the resulting sequence the same way as the sub-groups (loading them in the source monitor and cutting from them) you will not lose matchback ability in your final cut.

Make sense? Let me know if I'm unclear.



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