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Having issues with filler, filters, and dissolves in Avid EDL

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Chris King
Having issues with filler, filters, and dissolves in Avid EDL
on Apr 29, 2015 at 8:14:28 pm

I'm trying to create an EDL for our researchers of a 2 hour documentary that's heavy on archival material (this is not for the online, it's purely for spreadsheets to calculate how much material we're using from each archival clip to license them).

But I'm running into a bunch of problems, I'll preface by saying I've left ALL filters and dissolves in place (which I'll explain why below). So here's the issue:

When there's a fade at the end of the clip like in this example, it gets split into THREE rows in the EDL:

So the first two lines represent ONE clip; the first line is that clip up until the fade begins, and the second line is that clip from the first frame of the fade to the end of the fade. Altogether 3 seconds.

But while the Master and Source timecode are OK for the first line, it's messed up for the second line (the fade). They just show the IN point twice instead of giving an out point.

But then there's a third line called "BL" and it's basically a duplicate of line 2 above it--redundant. Except it has more accurate timecode, except the source TC now starts from zero.

As a note, I left the filters on because many shots were slowed down or sped up and I needed the source timecode to be accurate which it wouldn't be if the speed changes were lifted. And I left the fades on because we'll need to license the clip up to the last frame of the fade, so if I removed them we'd lose the beginnings and ends of lots of clips.

Sorry this is a mess of a post, it's hard to think of how to best phrase it all, and I appreciate any help.

So if anybody knows how to consolidate this data into one line with correct timecode, please drop a line. Or how to just set the EDL up in a better way.

Here are my EDL Manager specs:


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Michael Phillips
Re: Having issues with filler, filters, and dissolves in Avid EDL
on Apr 29, 2015 at 9:21:50 pm

The black event is the sync point for the fade start to black.. that's how EDL's work.

Do you need to have record side information as well in your workflow? If not, you might try putting a duplicate of that sequence into its own bin and doing a decompose with 0 handles. All transition handles are accounted for as part of the process.

Another thing to look at is "sequence report". It might provide what you need. EDL's are one thing, but reporting is another, and MC needs some work in that area.


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