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23.98 to 25fps for PAL - Possible with no duration change?

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Aaron Clark
23.98 to 25fps for PAL - Possible with no duration change?
on Mar 6, 2015 at 7:21:19 pm

I have a question about delivering a project that's going overseas to a PAL region. I edited the project in 23.98 and was told about midway through that it's for India. It's critical that these remain in the :30 and :60 duration respectively.

When delivering things to a PAL region, what is the best technique for conversion? I've done some research and the two ways I found were:

  • Conversion - So basically frame blending to add in the extra frames. This method seems to be not ideal as it makes the picture look not so great.

  • Conforming - Which makes the entire thing 4% faster and thus shorter. Considering these need to be 30 and 60 as I said so this doesn't work out very well for me.

  • If I've got any of these explanations wrong, please correct me!

    So, is there any better option. I'm aware of using a Teranex and the like but that isn't quite an option for this project due to a lower budget. If there isn't any better solution, is there absolutely anything I can do (painstakingly or not) to fix this problem?

    Thanks for any and all help you guys can provide. If I posted this in the wrong forum, I sincerely apologize. I chose this one because I'm cutting on Avid.

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    Michael Phillips
    Re: 23.98 to 25fps for PAL - Possible with no duration change?
    on Mar 7, 2015 at 1:12:18 am

    Your understanding of conversion is correct = in order to have the same program duration across different frame rates, frame/fields get blended, dropped, etc. Some methods are better than others, Hardware based conversions of signal based formats tend to offer better quality in what is a real time process. Software based formats have a range of qualities.

    MC has Mix and Match which does frame/field blending and is real time. Quality is OK, not great. Something for you and your clients to decide.

    Speed up (frame for frame) is the best quality as there is no messing with picture other than playing faster/ Audio needs to have a sample rate conversion and potentially pitch correction.

    What I suggest you do, is set your master TC above the sequence monitor to 25 rather than 24 and cut to your required durations. That way, when sped up, that's what they will end up being using speed up method.


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