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Audio Suite - Which tool?

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Sam Morr
Audio Suite - Which tool?
on Dec 2, 2014 at 6:39:36 pm

Hi all,

First off apologies if I tell you information that isn't needed or wrong information.

I'm running Avid Media Composer and in my start menu I have BCC AVX 8.0
but from the maintenance guys I'm told it's Avid MC Nitris DX. I assume this determines what tools I have available in the audio suite.

Basically, I have recorded an hour long seminar using 4 radio mics, unfortunately I lost one mic for around 10 minutes and it wasn't possible for me to interrupt.
For those 10 minutes I had to boost the gain in the camera so I could hear the presenter over the now silent presenters radio microphone.
In doing so obviously it is quite 'noisy' I can hear what she's saying relatively well but to get the right level I'm having to add +12db in the mixer and even that isn't getting it to +5 on the PPM. Plus more gain = more noise.

2 Questions -
1. I would like to add more gain if possible
2. I would like a suggestion as to what tool in the audio suite would be best to reduce the hiss/noise on the track caused by the gain or whether I'm wasting my time and it isn't possible.

I have tried De-esser and also D-verb but when I preview I'm not hearing anything.

Any help really appreciated as I'm unsure if I am applying the effect correctly.
What I'm doing is making edit points ( add edit not in/out) around a small section, about 15 seconds to reduce render to preview (?) then I am selecting from the drop down menu one of the many effects and then clicking the 'activate plug in' box. It opens up that interface and I'm pressing preview. I see green bars moving very slightly at the top of the timeline window but not hearing anything.

Can anyone shed any light on where I'm going wrong please.

Apologies for the lengthy post, I look forward to learning more and helping where I can.


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Sam Morr
Re: Audio Suite - Which tool?
on Dec 3, 2014 at 12:41:48 pm

Update - I have now tried using the EQ 3-1 band, setting a high Q filter and then boosting gain and lowering the frequency to try and isolate it. No luck as it just seems to add a sort of hum. The noise I'm getting is more of a hiss.
I have also tried different presets in the EQ tool such as NTSC and PAL hum buster, hiss filter and hiss filter with high end boost.

Any suggestions much appreciated, I can send an example of the audio if needed.
Thanks all.

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